Why does Jarvee not have advanced story posting?

Last week’s i’ve seen so much accounts doing a lot stories, I saw that increases engagement between you and your followers, asking questions, making polls, using gifs etc. Guys that have been here doing this for months or years confirm this please, does Instagram rewards users that do daily engaging stories (I know yes)?

I tried this method myself and saw some exposure increase maybe +20/30% in this days that I engaded with my followers a lot questions like “Ask me questions”, “Favorite things”, “Favotire colors”,“favorie pages”

I know Jarvee has simple stories posts, but why they don’t make some kind of tool to make advanced stories? Create pools, using gifs, etc??

Thank you

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You can create polls in jarvee


Where?? In Campaigns??

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Avanced instagram settings in campaign mode then post as a story tells you where to make changes

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Ty helps a lot
Let’s see if I can make some good stories with this :wink:

No problem glad I could be of help to you

Campaign > Overview > Advanced Settings > Instagram :wink:


It’s difficult to transfer all the functions of mobile instagram to Jarvee. They don’t have the ability to post highlights as well.


do u know how to crop story post in jarvee ? i always get story with too big image and no crop so each side of the image lack some part (not a lot but still not 100 %) …but still work great for engagement so far

i do not within jarvee sorry. id modify the file in photoshop then upload it into jarvee myself.

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Has anyone tried Later’s paid plan, it includes stories, but I don’t know how great their options are

Hey we got a thread dedicated to new ideas. Why not add it in here? :blush: