Why is it not recommended to run follow / unflollow at the same time?

I have read that one of the precautions to be taken for the correct setting is to avoid following / unfollow at the same time. Is there anyone who can tell me why? Thank you


Because by doing so, you can potentially run too many actions at one time and IG can mark that as being spammy, and your account can get banned. I’ve had both run in the past, but It is especially recommended to not run them at the same time during these times when IG is follow blocking accounts left and right. Its just a precautionary measure to be safe


What are the settings on Jarvee to run the follow tool for X days and then the unfollow tool for others Y days?


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better Avoid using Follow and Unfollow tool at the same time as that will cause more problems like Follow blocks/PV’s and as @Englishdubb mentioned that’s too many actions at one time


yea I agree with you dude. I just want to know what is the correct settings on Jarvee to do this :blush:

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I’ve really done that manually. For example, I just have the follow tool on until the account reaches a certain amount of follows, and then I stop that follow tool and run the unfollow tool until the account reaches a lower amount of follows that I’m fine with. all of this is done in Jarvee


Also, for right now, the theory is 6000 follows per 30 days. So that means 200 follows a day and you should be good. It’s not confirmed yet, but its the best we have so far


yea… but when you managing 40 clients this is a little bit difficult :sweat_smile:


the best is to follow 200 per day, let’s say 20 per hour for 10 morning hours, and then during the night unfollow who doesn’t follow you back.

there is a particular function on Jarvee that says " stop follow tool when reach X followers, or daily limit "


Do people tend to manage this through stop follow after “X” amount of people?

Or just run the tools at different times?

What I’m currently doing:

  • nightmode: sleep for 8h a day
  • in the first 8 hours I follow
  • in the 8 hours left I Unfollow
    You can easily automate this through jarvee

Can someone post the Jarvee settings on how to set this up pls?

also nice.

it depends also about the time and delay between the operations

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Yes of course! You can also play with the nightmode timing in order to spread actions on a bigger time frame

I tried to set this up before… seems like my accts followed / unfollow still abit at random times. No idea why does jarvee go by time/date on the VPS?

I tried to do F / U together and alternated. I have seen that the growth chart is more linear when performing f / u together.

Even if it can be more linear, just to be safe you could do follow first and unfollow afterwards. As the others stated, it could look spammy and go over the hourly limit. Also, remember that when you are doing automation, you would want to imitate the actions of an average user. Following and unfollowing huge amount of people at the same time doesn’t look much average.

However, there are aged and trusted accounts that can do it together. For new accounts, I’d stay with follow and unfollow separated. You can further test that if you have multiple accounts.


Are you sure you didn’t enable the “randomize intervals daily”?
On my accounts it seems to work fine… I’ll have a better look to see if it still f/u at the same time though

Do you run the like tool separating as well or at the same time as you are following and unfollowing?

Because that’s too many action.
And not natural, So better avoid it bro.
You can follow for 5 days and unfollow after 5 days
Thats normal.