Why My Pinterest Reach Very Small


Hi guys, I have grown Pinterest for 4 months, but I don’t know why it reaches very slow, only 6-8 view at the time, and I have 7k1 followers. Do you guys have any idea?


I think pinterest died, I had 20 thousand visits a day, from February 1 to here 400 at the most, making up to 20 thousand pins a day. I tried several things nothing works more for me, I’m leaving.


Pinterest is much like Twitter or any other social media. Even linkedin has clamped down. It’s not hard to analyze mass follow/unfollow etc., Twitter calls it “churning”.

You need to isolate the main account and feed it via other accounts. @Adnan has written a great guide on how to do just that.



I’m no Pinterest expert but I’ve managed over the last 8 months to grow my account to 2.7M viewers with 127K engaged. In the first two months I tried f/u and realized very quickly that it was hurting my reach and so I quit bothering with f/u all together. Instead I just follow back when people follow me and even then not everyone. With 127K engaged monthly viewers, I don’t really care about the fact that I have less than 3K followers.
The only tool I’ve used is Tailwind and I can honestly say that I don’t get much value out of the Tribe function.