Why Pinterest ban my Accounts

Hi to all,

I’am new in pinterest marketing i sterted with creating 30 account with proxy 3 account per 1 proxy. But when i try to accept board invite pinterest ban my account immediately after board invitation accept.

Is there is any sollution for this ? Thank you in Advance

What are your first steps after account creation?

Here’s what you should do:

  • manually create accounts
  • fill info (description, profile picture)
  • manually create couple of boards 5-10 on each account
  • follow some people
  • follow some boards
  • populate your boards with 5-10 pins of other users and from reputable websites

All this should be done manually.

Then start automation. Add night mode so they don’t work 24/7. Always repin more other pins than your own.

Hvala ti Adnan,

I start with creating the profile in this way i will start with pinning my pins and other pins as you tell me .
I’am doing this for 4 mounts and i dont have traffic at all . Can you please tell me some clues what should i do after creating good profiles. I have a lot of board around 300+ but i dont know how to engage my pins.

Thank you a lot.

You’re pinning for 4 months and still no traffic?

I have some traffic but not so much around 50 daily views… :frowning: all that manual repining… if you have any advice please tell me . Thank you

Have you thought about automating all of that? Maybe scaling to 50 or 100 profiles?

Yes i would love to get that automaticly, but i dont know any service mass planner is disconected i can not buy it, any proposals . Thank you

How many accs do you run? What is your pins? It’s images with text or just photo, pics? Do you do following? How you get ivites to group boards?

hello Adnan,
need your help about pinterest .yesterday my traffic about 5000 and today drop only 600 .also i will check source https://www.pinterest.co.uk/source/website/ there is no pin of my website

here is screenshot