Why tf does IG delete my post?

Hi, about two week ago I created an account which features short funny videos. I repost videos from tiktok etc. and always give credits to the orginal creators.

I wanted to grow this account 100% organically. So I didn’t do any botting and I use my home wifi only. And of course no fake followers/likes etc.

It was going fine. Until today, when I uploaded a video, it was immediately deleted. And IG asked me to verify my account through phone message. I did that and was back to my account. I tried to post the video again, and it was immediately deleted again.

This video was completely normal, nothing inappropriate or offensive, so I have no idea why this would happen. I checked the hashtags, and they were very normal hashtags also, like “viralvideo”.

I did use the “report a problem” function to tell IG about it and who knows if they’d ever answer anything.

I know IG has been acting up quite a lot lately, as shown in this board; but if it gets this ridiculous, I don’t know if I should bother with it any more.

I forgot to add: I have not been doing more than 30 follow/like/comment a day since the creation of the account

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Some of the content, such as a song, may have a copyright issue and is causing a flag. They should notify you via email if this is the case though.

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But there was no music/song in the video at all?

Okay, I tried to upload a completely different video and even switched to mobile data. The new video was deleted immediately again.

I also notice the previous posts which were getting likes/views rapidly stopped getting any new views/likes right after IG deleted my new post.

Wtf is this seriously? I tried to be as careful as possible with this new account without doing anything “inauthentic”, and it ended up worse. SMH.

Probably because it’s TIKTOK and those videos are widely spammed by TIKTOK’s bots. IG is probably deleting them en masse. Whenever I see a TIKTOK video I report, downvote etc. I flipping hate TIKTOK.

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You report them on what ground though?

And how do you “downvote”?

Mostly they spam Reddit with them. They have a small army of bots. Many people report them on IG and they probably don’t need to since TIKTOK spams IG with them as well to make them viral.

If you also look around the forum, they have been deleting lots of peoples posts. Machine learning and conservative weirdos for the win I guess.

The difference is I re-edited the videos and put captions and hashtags thoughtfully. So I don’t act like a spamming bot at all.

And I only repost good creative ones, not the lameass cringe ones. Some much bigger accounts like @lmao @randomvideos often post the same videos, but much later than I did. The only difference is I am a small account at this moment.

I’m seeing this problem too but I’m using original video some are being sent directly to me from the original poster and I did tests where some are my own. They are all getting deleted. Its not video from tik tok or other sites. Also not all music. My pictures upload and stay up fine. Instagram is really screwing up on this new update. I have a feeling their AI algorithm is out of control it’s not human and cannot make all decision properly. They are going to have a lot of angry people in the long run. Remember this post lol.


Seriously? That’s some epic ridiculous shit! I mean on what ground do they delete your videos at all? Did you try to contact them?

nope I think this is the first time i’ve been possibly shadow banned or something. and the ridiculous thing is i’m doing legitimate posts. I have a feeling these 3rd party programs in the open domain are screwing things up for all whats to stop ig from looking at what they do and using that to base their new alog on. It screws everyone. :joy::rage:

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It makes sense. What amazes me is IG doesn’t seem to give a shit, like they can do whatever they want with your account and their customer service doesn’t seem to exist. And people usually try to figure out what THEY did wrong from one million DIFFERENT possible “explanations”. Talk about dictatorship

I had a brand new 2 months old account and I wanted to post for the first time today. When I tried to post I got PV, i successfully completed this. After his I tried to post 100 times and the post is not sticking to my profile. It disappears when I refresh.

Also noticing valid problems since today.

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Looks like we are having the same problem lol. It’s just unbelievable IG can do whatever they want with our accounts without any need to explain to us.

My strategy was to rest the account 24 hours and try again. I guess it is a temporarily block like like blog, etc.

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I just checked down detector and A LOT of people (random, not mp users) are facing the same issue. Guess it is an instagram bug. :slight_smile:


Yah let’s both see what happens after 24h🙏

Interesting find. How do you check that though?

hmmm:thinking: I’m trying to see a common thread from this maybe its something else not related to the accounts. I actually think ig is overthinking things. this alog dosnt work ll the time and has to be afecting millions of authentic users

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