Why tf does IG delete my post?


yes definitely happening to many ligit people. I think the result they were expecting from this alog update for inauthentic isn’t working out as they planned. at some point they are going to get push back they better get it fixed.


Good to hear this was probably because of another IG “glitch” instead of sth related to my account. Earlier I thought it’s because I reposted videos from tiktok, so I already deleted all videos which had tiktok logos etc. all over the place lol. But that’s alright, since I have a new account and have not made more than 30 posts yet.


no its not that. i tried posting a video of my walk i made on my phone and it still got deleted


Lol fuck IG seriously. So what are you gonna do about it? Contact IG or just wait it out?


i’m going to wait. I remember a few weeks back this even happened to nicki minaj. that should have been the first red flag for us all. insta needs to re evaluate what they are doing.


So what happened to nicki Minaj? She got her account screwed too? lol


Noone facing valid problems since today? Setting up new accounts?


well there’s some controversy about it but as normal things always get explained away as its some other reason. but who knows with ig they don’t even have to give you a reason and thats what sucks when your ligit too. try actually contacting them its like trying to meet the queen of england in person.:joy::rofl:


Okay guys, found three posts on the first page of reddit instagram section about exactly the same problem lol:

3 votes and 1 comment so far on Reddit


yup insta is screwing up they need to stop that AI alog cause its screwing up


Exactly bro! Hard to imagine a company that size has almost non-existent customer service department and people put up with it lol. Not to mention it’s the users who are making money for them basically.


wait for the back lash they feel like kings now but its coming one day. internet is not so forgiving when people get fed up lol


I really really hope so. I come from an Asian country so I am really not used to such customer service attitude lol.


Basically, it is a copyright issue. Instagram and Copyrights have walked hand in hand right from the birth of the social media giant. Instagram has made it clear in it’s terms and conditions that, whatever you post on Instagram may be copied/Shared/used by anyone on Instagram.


Do you even read any post here before you post your copy and paste BS all over the place? You sound like a comment bot on IG lol


:grin::rofl::rofl:Sometimes i think ig is lurking in here under pseudo accounts.


At least this guy does sound like one :joy:


Does the problem still occur? For me it does.


Really? You mean u still can’t upload videos? I haven’t tested it yet as I wanted a break from IG’s BS


Now I just tested it. Yes I managed to upload it, but the post was shadowbanned. I thought shadowban might be a myth until now I can’t find my post under any hashtag or even geotag I used lol. Fuck IG.