Why tf does IG delete my post?


something happened on dec. 31 / jan 1. Be it planned or a mix up/bug. on my accounts – 80 percent got hit, other 20 percent still the same. All symptoms are the same as a shadowban.
IF and I mean a big IF – this was a major snafu, shadowbans last max 14-15 days and within 1-3 days, things will go back to normal. I am posting regularly on all pages as if nothing happened. Losses nearly 100k, however ones gainning are kinda making up for those losses… wait and see…


Thank you for the info, you are a legend, learned a ton from you!

So do you have hundreds of accounts though? And when you say “All symptoms are the same as a shadowban”, can you actually find any of your posts under any hashtags you used? Or do you use hashtags at all these days?

And if shadowban usually gets lifted after two weeks, is there anything one can do to speed it up, or is there anything one might do which could delay the lift? I mean according to your experience of course.


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So do you have hundreds of accounts though?

33 accounts

these are symptoms of a ban/pv/ev/shadowban situation. I stopped using hashtags last spring/summer.

no way to speed it up – except possibly get drunk and go to the nudie bar waiting for IG to remove it.

My biggest account was set to private when this new feed started to creep up around christmas, it has been private until one hour hour ago. I knew I had a good post so I set to public – comment spammed with my other other accounts and had them share it. It will not show up in explore feed as privates going public with good content takes about a week to get into the main ‘feed’, however I was after ER – result was first 30 minutes went to levels first week of november –

the posted picture 43 minuted into the post. I was getting 5-9k likes in private in 12-16 hours, first 30 minutes I got 4,200 – content. Now I wait until tommorow morning for results to see if I should put back into private.


IG employees come to mpsocial for help when something is not working on their platform :joy:


yes because they can’t get a response from the report bug department :joy:

on a serious note though what Alexnvo describes happened to me. only thing is my post i created from a video on my phone was deleted and some hours later it was back with the issues described. As of now though other items that were deleted by ig never came back and those were given to me by other ig members to post on my account :thinking:


Seems like copyright is causing major troubles on the web now, I mean. just look at Youtube Copyright Striking in the last few months. People sing a shitty song with no background music and companies not even related to the to it claim it as theirs and get all the revenue from the video…

Strange things happening, we will never know why. Is it because Mark is pissed at the congress for investigating, or maybe Larry Paige and Sundar Pichai are angry because of this years Youtube Rewind? What if @world_record_egg is causing a glitch in the Matrix?

So many questions…:thinking:


i’m not sure if its that with copyright though the whole point about ig is to share. just have to wait and see


What do you think it is if it’s not about copyright?


Who knows. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has to do with :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:


It’s always about that isn’t it? Can’t figure out why deleting posts would save them cash though. Maybe the servers are full and they need to get new ones before they can store our uploads besides user data :walking_man:


33 accounts

these are symptoms of a ban/pv/ev/shadowban situation. I stopped using hashtags last spring/summer.


Okaay, that does look like shadowban symptoms. I am curious though: why do you think your accouts would get shadowed when you don’t even use hashtags? I mean I guess you once said that using the wrong hashtags are usually the real reason people get shadowed.:thinking:


So are you shadowed too?


You get shadowed after a pv/ev, getting a account reinstated or other things. I don’t know why it happened. I looked at stats of many accounts and majority loss followers Jan 1 to the. 6. Some at the 7th grew again and stayed in the black but in lower numbers and likes. Others have not recovered yet…still 14 days later…see what happens tomorrow. Why…who the hell knows however there is a major algo shift toward less likes across the board


Yeah that’s exactly what happened to me at least: shadowban right after PV. It’s pretty stupid from IG though: I mean if I have no idea why I got a PV, since I am not doing botting or using proxy.

Let’s hope tomorrow I will hear that shadowban is lifted for you already.


One thing though: like 2 weeks ago I got a notification from IG that there was a suspicious login attempt from Moscow, was it you? It was of course not me, but I thought if I’d click “no”, there would be a lot of BS hassle to deal with, so I just clicked “yes”. I have no idea if this had sth to do with my shadowban.

Does anyone know what this “suspicious login attempt” was about? Was there really someone who tried to hack my account or just another BS from IG?


yes. i don’t think its because of hashtags alone. the interesting thing is my posts started to get deleted before it happened. it was videos from other Instagram users. they sent me their videos. So i thought maybe a copyright issue. Then i posted my own video recorded from my camera phone and it got deleted also. Then mysteriously 10 minutes later it reappeared then i was asked about phone number on my account. immediately after that hashtags shadowed. So who knows why this is happening. :man_shrugging::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:
Edit: only thing different i was doing on this account is it is linked to facebook and twitter and i started sharing.


I’d say it had nothing to do with the dratails of what kind of video it was etc. As the links from reddit I pasted above suggest: the same thing has happened to so many people several days ago.


So is @Alexnvo’s shadowban lifted already? Any update?


No…might be part of feed


Well the plot thickens hashtags partially work now but another previous post disappeared or is deleted for me days later. I have no idea what ig is doing. All this after bug reports sent and no response. could ig possibly looking here and reddit? is the new alog screwing up that bad?. :man_shrugging: