Why was "use embedded browser when action blocked" removed?

Hi all,

does anybody knows why " use embedded browser when action blocked " it helped me quite a lot…

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I think you should ask the support, they are amazing.
Do you really still use API as I suppose we are in the same time dimension of 25.10.2019?

haha good one yeah some on API is working still better for me than EB

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Incredible, as far as I remember you run 600+ accounts, great job doing this on API.
Experience from testing today: I got AC by posting via API (need those geolocations), but f/unf is via EB only. Mixing both may lead to AC I guess. (AC after third post in a row, 1 post/ day, posting away from action intervals)

Not sure why they removed it. It was working for me great too before they removed it. I wish they would add that function back.


Add this post in these topics.
It makes no sense to set up new topics for each problem.

Because there will be a big “SPAM” here

yeah would really love to! or this time the other way round “when action via EB blocked use API”