Will anyone will find the solution to this crazy insta problem?

Real weird problem on an insta account

Hello hello everyone !

We are the owners of an account @deux_pas_vers_lautre Which clearly has a problem.
For the last two months, our post don’t perform so well, as the hashtags are working just 1/5 of the time, some post basically get us 10 / 20 percent of reach from non followers, but most of the posts are just getting less than 1%% of the reach from non followers… We try to understand why but we don’t see the reason. We think it is not that easy and we are looking for someone to help to fix this issue now. We contacted a few people already. We are not new to insta, but we really can’t figure out what is happening and why.

We did F/UF in the past but really stopped like 6 months ago.

We are here to answer any questions !

-All the content is original.
-We usually post 2/3 times a day
-We post with skedsocial as we have absolutely no possibility to post manually
-We never paid for fake followers but did Slow U/UF using Jarvee until we decided to come back to something organic.

Please guys help !

We can offer reward if someone really helps us

Cheers to all and thanks for the precious advices !!

This forum is gold !

Write a message to your 24,000 followers and contact them.
How the instagram algorithm works:
If we observe a person, their photos, history are displayed to us for the first days.
If after these days, we do not visit this person, do not interact with him etc.
The instagram algorithm forgets you.
And your photos and history do not appear on the board by the viewer.
So you need to make contact with your followers so that the instagram algorithm remembers again that you interact with them and then the post will be displayed on their board.
As for hashtags.
I don’t know, because hashtags are total shit for me ( it’s just my opinion)

Take a test yourself.
Follow the new person and you will see that their posts will be visible to you during the first days.
But do not interact with it.
After a few days you will see that it no longer appears on the board.
People, do some tests or whatever.

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I get you surely, but here the problem seems really hashtags oriented . How can it be 1%% sometimes and 20 % once here and there? there is something that makes it either white either black and we don’t see what

Not really a solution, but could be part of the solution is that I noticed that skedsocial is a third party app and is not an approved partner by IG. If you just want to schedule content I’d suggest you move over to another (approved) service like Later. The cost are about the same and you can rule out any issues on that end.

That’s why I have long stopped paying attention to these stupid hashtags.
Instagram is constantly changing something.
So if you can fix it anyway.
In a few days it will be the same again.
It’s a cat and mouse game.


And also the problem you re mentionning is surely true but does not happen like this, it is something very gradual

Yeah actually none of the approved scheduling platforms permits to post carrousels what is very annoying to us, this is why we use sked now… but we would love to be able to post with later

also is your audience all from the same country? do they all speak your language?

because as English speaker, if I see that username, id be a bit turned-off personally

I have over 200 clients.
There is still the same problem.
They’ll fix it, they have it good for a few days.
And then again the same.
That’s why I don’t even put my nerves on it anymore.
Does not make sense.

Nope our audience is really worldwide. Mostly european , but the US too

Surely the username is silly french words, but this from the beginning , so its not something new actually.

totally agreed on the turn off , but i think changing it would prevent us from getting people from all articles on the web that linked our insta. So its a tough choice.
We believe this has nothing to do with this black VS white hashtags reach

what do you mean with , they will fix it ? insta ? the clients ?

Personally I would adjust this and try to built from there:

  1. change the name (not the username) of your account to search optmized keywords your audience is looking for, ideally an attracting one liner;
  2. Setup market research to see if the name of your company is a fit with ur (target) audience;
  3. Create an compelling one liner on what you do etc along with a strong (proven) CTA on your bio;
  4. Branded url shortener;
  5. Regarding the content I’d check top100post.co and see what content performs best and built a new / adjust your content strategy from there regarding the style of the pictures, videos and copywriting.

EDIT: In addition to this, I notice you have a Youtube page, Why not create an IGTV series?


That was an irony with messaging all his followers right? Wouldn’t he get blocked quickly, even if divided into batches?

I’m wondering how do you manage all these customers with polish-english translator, thats amazing! :grinning: (Twój translator często tłumaczy coś inaczej niż powinno być, czasem śmiesznie wychodzi :grinning:)

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majority of them might be Polish, you never know.

Props to him, never fails to entertain, and props to polish providers w/ Ciras…

Sorry when you mean the name, i am confused, you mean @deux_pas_vers_lautre or the name behind ?
When changing, can we stil be found by the person searching for @deux_pas_vers_lautre
Isn’t the name switch going to lower even more the engagement ?

we did not understand this : Create an compelling one liner on what you do etc along with a strong (proven) CTA on your bio;

We tried IGTV but it was just so so damn low rewarding that we stopped as we did not feel it was

Thanks a lot for the top 100 website we will check it well.

What about the branded shortner URL ? our website adress is super short already

Yes i dont think messaging everyone would help. i am maybe thinking of reducing followers as some tools still tell us we have maybe 12 to 15 % of ghost followers

I have only Polish clients.
Forgive me for my language.
I’m still learning :slight_smile:
They fixed - they did so that they had great hashtag views, but after a few days or weeks.
The same problem again.

So it was ironic :smile: @PierreDOlain

Although not! : D
You can probably send messages to your followers without any blockades: D
To those who follow you!

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Do you guys actually think it would be better to stop Carrousels ? as you see we are story tellers, telling a story with one picture is never easy so it is a tough choice for us

have you tried IGTV? heard it works wonders

We got between 15 and 250 views on our videos on IGTV So it didnt push us to upload more