Winter Giveaway Entry - Press for your clients

Hey everyone! This is my entry into the Winter Giveaway. It’s a little off course from the usual social media stuff but here goes.

Your clients are accomplishing things! Great Job! Now, aside from the people they tell the story too, who REALLY knows? Exactly. This is what press is for!

Now it breaks into two main types of press, the kind you get when you submit a press release, and SEO focused internet stuff.

The truth is paying for guest posts is the easiest way for you as a person, your company, or your clients company to appear on google in a positive light. If you go to google and search my name “Kelby Dishman” you’ll see exactly what I mean. Now you can spend the time and go find where to submit, write and send the article and hope it goes through but there’s an easier way. Aggregates like and allow you to sell that press article for article OR as a package.

So it’s simple, as an add-on to your current service (an upsell) throw in an article in The US News! On Authority Titans that’s $300 - so invoice the client for $600! Makes 300 bucks AND get your client something they are so proud of they call their mom!

Now the second type of press would be podcasts, radio shows, and TV shows. My best resource for this would be - Allows you to set up podcasts for yourself and when you reach out to the host you ask them if you can “White label” their show in your press packages. THEY WILL ALWAYS SAY YES. Truth is, they charge for those interviews $10-I’ve seen as high as $2k for someone big. Same as before just double the price and help your client become famous.

That’s it folks, tbh it feels a little simple but getting press for yourself and your clients is THAT EASY.

(REMEMBER: To become verified on IG you need a certain amount of things like this on top of a wikipedia and google side bar. )


Internet radio interviews have long been one of my favorite promotion strategies
for authors, speakers, and industry authorities. Aside from the fact that you can
almost always conduct them from home, you can also reach a broad audience
with your message.

Internet radio shows, such as those found at, provide
wonderful opportunities for authors to reach a niche audience. Here you can find
shows about everything from business blogging to parenting. Shows typically
feature guests for 15 minutes up to a full hour, and archives can remain online for

Compare that to traditional radio where you might be interviewed for five to eight
minutes during the morning commute. Though the listening audience may reach
tens of thousands, most listeners will be in their cars, barely paying attention,
and will not be in a position to take notes or go online and make a purchase.
I have personally conducted countless traditional and internet radio show
interviews and though I’d never turn down an invitation to a traditional radio
interview, I am more interested in pursuing internet radio. With the right
listening audience, you can watch your Amazon sales rank climb in the hours
following an interview. Often times the audience is listening while sitting at their
desks or with a nearby internet connection, making it easy to inspire them to buy
on the spot.

To pitch yourself as a guest to radio shows, you can send a standard press release,
however, press releases aren’t the only way to get media attention. I have found
that sending a simple e-mail can be even more effective.

Following is a sample radio show pitch that you can model for your unique topic
and experience.

"Greetings ,

My name is Stephanie Chandler and I am the author of Booked Up! How to
Write, Publish, and Promote a Book to Grow Your Business. I have reviewed
your show archives and I believe that I would be a great guest for your audience.
Proposed Topic: How to market your business by writing and
publishing books and ebooks.

Did you know that a recent survey showed that more than 80% of Americans
would like to write a book? At the same time, businesses are looking for new
marketing strategies and ways to stay competitive in a challenging economy.
Promoting a business with a book can be a powerful way to gain a competitive
advantage, and it’s easier to accomplish that you might think.

As a guest on your show, I would propose discussing the following key points:

• How businesses can use books for marketing purposes

• Simple strategies for writing a book quickly

• Publishing options including traditional and self-publishing

• Options with ebooks for the Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Nook and more

• Methods for building buzz online

I have years of experience as a radio show guest and I can assure you that our
time together will be well-spent and focused on delivering value to your audience.

I would also be happy to provide you with sample interview questions and a
complimentary copy of my book at your request.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing back from
you soon.

Warm regards,
Stephanie Chandler

<insert contact information: e-mail, phone, website URL>"

Some additional considerations when sending a

• Always address the host or producer by name, when available.

• Write a compelling introduction that captures interest.

• Provide a simple list of three to five discussion points.

• Mention previous interview experience if applicable since it increases
confidence with the host or producer and lets them know you’ll be a good
guest. If you don’t have previous experience, assure the host that your goal
is to provide an informative interview for his/her audience.

• Offer to provide sample interview questions. Radio hosts may or may not
use them, but this demonstrates professionalism. Make a list of eight to
fifteen questions that you think the audience might enjoy. Put these in a
nicely formatted document and include a brief bio (that will likely be read
on-air) and your contact information. More on this coming up…

• Offer a complimentary copy of your book for review. This can help hook
the producer or host and give them more reasons to talk about your book
on air.



Always appreciate a giveaway here