Woke up to 20 EV fom client accounts

Today I woke up to about 20 EV from client profiles. Was wondering if I am the only one that got a mass hit? The accounts are a combination of residential and DC proxy’s. Haven’t had much problems for months, so I found this odd. Could it be an update from Instagram? Last year around this time everyone got hit as well.

Sorry to hear that, hope you were able to verify them. Are you using one account per proxy or you have more accounts on same proxy? I guess there shouldn’t be anything else in common for these accounts if they belong to different clients.

Don’t go cheap on clients and buy them 4G proxies, charge them more for their own safety.

Api or EB? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

same for here . 4G API


Yes. It seems like something changed on IG yesterday. More EV and blocks than usual.

Much Evs for here

We had a massive Phone Verification issue more than 50 accounts in a few minutes, that was yesterday, we verified all of them we will see if we get this again soon.

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Same here. Yesterday I got a good amount of Phone Verifications and also a few captchas. Solved some of them and lost some. All PVs and Captchas were on my scrapers though.

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I’m solving them as I have more than 3000 PV/EV all around the servers. I will let you know as well if it becomes a loop or are just something new about IG-side.

Hello. Bad news here. The accs that are solved after a few hours they become invalid again! Reporting to Jarvee right now!

Are you with EV/PV only on your scrapers or also on customer accounts?

Not slowing down on accounts that were hit will result in hard blocks for a week. Both for manual and automated accounts, again manual accounts are more prone to hard blocks with suggestion of third party app usage than automated ones… :roll_eyes:

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Luckily they got restored and running again for the most part. Hope it’s not the beginning of something bad that’s coming up ; /

This morning 0 from 10 accs EV/PV on Scrape Accounts. What about yours , guys ?

Did anyone’s account go to 24hr review or become disabled following successful or unsuccessful verification?

Today the same thing happened, how about you guys? ; \

Same here as well

I’m 99% sure basically all of us are being hit by this. But no one wants to admit it. Just to not be seen as retards. And C’mon. I’m the biggest expert here. And I’m saying this. Is not an issue. I think is a thing to all of us to share our thoughts etc and find a solution.