Wordpress : Import from a folder and subfolders

Hoping to get some ideas how i can do this. I want to give something a try with a recipe website and use MP with al soc media platforms to get traffic.

I have a database with 250mb of recipes, pictures and text.

The problem.

The recipes are packed in categories, each recipe it’s own folder, Image folder, and recipe data. Are there any import plugins to import this kind of structure to a website?



I don’t know of anything like that, that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist… maybe others know ( maybe something related to woo commerce? ) . Alternately you can try and find someone to pay that will create the script to import all of those.

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Haven’t seen any tools doing such things, but you may combine powershell script to get listing of directories in CSV and then import it to WP using different plugins:

Hope it’ll let to find the right direction :slight_smile:

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thanks! will have a look!

I had the same kind of problem with articles in txt files, i needed to import them, seemed simple enough to have a plugin for it, but no… and i have searched deep in the caverns of the internet but besides some old abandoned plugins there was nothing, so in the end i just paid someone to import them, good luck with it…

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maybe i can copy another website with recipes:) just want to test with soc media accs in massplanner for traffic

If that is what you wanna do why not use a plugin like WP automatic, import recipes from other websites through RSS and do your testings

PS i am not affiliated with this plugin, just an happy user :slight_smile:

dank je Dave!

So login to buy the plugin. i saw that i have a similar plugin bought allready ages ago:)

so good to go!

Graag gedaan :slight_smile:

You can use any plugin that pulls RSS feeds, i have a copy laying around if you wanna try it out first