Would this be a good strategy? Your opinion welcomed

Hi guys and girls

I am thinking of implementing a strategy to drive traffic to my sites and I would like to know if this strategy would make sense or if it is not worth trying.

  1. Create several pinterest accounts with each 3 boards - 2 boards are off topic like travel I repin other pins, 1 Board is my money board, pinning from my website lets say 20 pins with link to money site. After the 20 pins I stop it, doing nothing. Just repinning to the other boards.

  2. Each pinterest account gets its own website to promote with different url

  3. Each account follows related boards users (300 per day)

  4. Each accounts likes related pins (300 per day)

It is a very simple strategy but would it drive traffic?

I would rather go with one main business account and and website, make the account look good and create more boards, maybe 5 to 10. One board will be for your own pins, rest will be random but still connected to your niche.

Pin pins from your website to your main board regularly and use repin tool to populate rest of your boards.

Create more accounts, each with 5-10 boards, personal accounts, real looking. Repin pins from your main account (main board) to relevant boards on those accounts. Joing Pinterest group boards and repin your pins there too.

These accounts should also pin other pins, not just those from your website, so they are kept alive. Turn on repin tool on each of the boards.

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Business Account - is this a special account or have you just named it like that?

So your strategy does not follow at all?
With this method you get the pins into search - is that the plan?

When creating account, there’s an option to create business account. Right below the option where you can choose gender.

What is the advantage of a business account?

You can find all about Pinterest business accounts here, check it out, it’s a great tool for research: http://bfy.tw/BHNY

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I have a totally different approach with my main accounts, 50% of the pins are all from my site across the boards and 50% is from web 2.0 sites and social media that i control, so it looks like i am pinning all over the place but i am really not :slight_smile:

The thing is that your pins disappear way too fast if you use “other sources”, it works for me…

good idea!!! Will try that with my different sites as well

You can just use sites like wordpress.com blogger.com etc etc, you can even use the same postings if you don’t care about Google (like i do), there are plenty of automated solutions that will post your shit everywhere, one tip though, use different images, you don’t want to see the same image over all your boards or worse the same image i the same boards over and over again

That’s a good idea. I haven’t thought about it.

Downside: women get frustrated easily. :smiley: they can report your account/s and if someone manually reviews them… Well, you know :slight_smile:

Watch it, don’t trigger any feminists lol :smiley: :smiley:

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