Would you purchase your first name IG handle for $200 USD?

Would you purchase your first name Instagram handle for $200 USD? Finally I was able to find the person that has my handle for my name. He haven’t posted since 2013, so it was really challenging. It’s 5 letters. I run a personal brand with my name and now I am launching my first company which falls under my personal brand meaning same niche. Is it worth it?

I want OG “Duncan” lol

100% would buy.


Account been inactive since 2013?


Don’t care. It’s a game changer. So worth it!


200 dollars is CHEAP. Try look around on this forum. People talk about prices in the 1000-3000 range!
Do it.


This kid won’t even sell mine for 5k… AND he hardly posts.

well damn, I might grab this right now. Got to make sure I get the ogemail as well right?

Damn, the guy that got mines is a older guy. Looks like he is in his high 30s

Yes and make sure he doesn’t take your money and run.

Get your stuff and then pay him. If he agrees to, this will be the easiest way.

Otherways do it on a platform where you can file a dispute on him, if he doesn’t deliver. Try avoid paying with paypal friend & family, cause as far as I know, once you wire the money, there is no way back on paypal friend & family.

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I think this is really difficult part, honestly. Having that trust on both sides.

skype with him while doing it and exchange some information

Try video calls just be safe and stuff

okay man I’ll try

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I would go for it for sure

That’s exactly the amount I got scammed trying to buy my first handle few years ago. Be careful. Specially if you pay with bitcoin.

I was extremely fortunate to purchase mine for $100 from a gentleman with the same name as me. I would have paid more of he’d come back with a counter offer. I think $200 is more than reasonable.

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That’s a steal especially if it’s a common name.

30s = old???
ok gotta go, whining a bit.


Yes, definitely go for it!