Wrong Device Location

Hi folks,
I need your opinion here:

We Noticed a New Login…
Device · Chrome Mobile · Mountain View, CA, United States

this is the message that this client is getting in her email.

We checked the IP’s location that the account is using in JV and it is located in Germany.

Any ideas?

PS: She is no using this account in any device, also she is located in France(where she used the account months ago)

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Did you maybe check the option to rotate proxies in Proxy Manager?

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This is a Google location, usually when you click on a link in Gmail.

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This is the Google’s Server location which is public and this is why you are seeing this.

You can check what IP Jarvee’s using by going to Embedded browser of preferred account and click the button to go to IP address that has been used.

No. Only 1 proxy working on this setup

Yes, and it shows the German IP.

I don’t understand what you mean, Instagram is sending the email after a login in JV.

Most likely your clicking on the link within the email… . Which is most likely within Gmail and this will route you through Google to IG, with a Google IP.

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No Boris, nobody is clicking anywhere, the notification is received after JV does a login in the account. That’s why we are wondering HOW JV is doing the logins…

We Noticed a New Login, accountname

We noticed a login from a device you don’t usually use.

Device · Chrome Mobile · Mountain View, CA, United States

July 28 at 10:18 PM (PDT)

Blocks with IP addresses can change from owner, and at that moment the location also changes. But that location is just what they put in a database. Or sometimes they forget to do so. Databases are also cached, so even after a location change you can still see an old location. So if you check the IP with an online service like whatismyipaddress you can get another location than what Instagram reports, or what Twitter reports. Probably your German IP was an IP with a location in the US in the past.

I remember some time ago my home IP was in Germany, while I lived in The Netherlands. The same can happen if you use mobile IP’s from a provider working in several countries.


Ditto on what @dimitri said.
I’ve checked proxies/IPs with multiple databases, and they all show the same location. But, Instagram, or Twitter, will show a different location. On the end, it’s what IG or TW show that matters. They will flag, or limit the account.

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It happens all the time, and as @dimitri said is about the databases infos not being updated. I would like to know which database IG uses, as most of them have a contact form for reporting wrong locations and they will update it if requested (can take sometime though).

I’m sure IG does not use https://www.maxmind.com/ , and is a pity because it normally shows very accurate data compared to other databases…


Continuing what @dimitri said, if you go on embedded browser on Jarvee search “my location” on Google.com and see what pops up. If the proxy database hasn’t updated then you could see a different location from what you purchased. This happened to me recently.

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Where do you have Jarvee installed? Is it on a server in the US?

Also, maybe your proxy could be a transparent one and sending your real IP address with any request.

Jarvee for this account in running on a server locatated in our office in Europe.

This is not a problem, in this case, and it is not related with geolocation. (you can change ownership and not location

Nobody forgets to do so, IP geolocation providers use different methods to keep their databases up to date.

This case seems weird for us because we have many accounts and this is the only so far to have this “issue”, so we were more worried about JV doing something wrong than the real geolocation.

It is important to remember that IP geolocation does not change very often, in most of the cases they never change, probably only if the datacenter is moved to other location and/or if we talk about IP/blocks that anyone can buy, those change more often.

But do not expect database update every minute:
The GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database is updated daily.
The GeoIP2 Country, City, ISP, Connection Type, and Enterprise databases are updated weekly, every Tuesday.

Thats gmail location as @Boris mentioned.

Did you try to log out, log in again, and see if still shows same on “Login activity”?
Might be a glitch on IG side.

If it was a J issue, it might have show the server IP.

I don’t know why many of you are talking about gmail, this notification was not received in any gmail email, the account doesn’t even have one.

Didn’t make any diff.

well, how do you know that?? showing the server IP could be one issue… this could be other.
Maybe I was not clear, is not showing any IP, is just showing the wrong location, together with a login notification, IG is sending every time JV does a login, this never happened in this account before and the settings are the same for long time.

We stopped the account and we did a login manually from a different device and the notification showed the correct location, Germany in this case…so only with JV logins IG is getting a different location.

You did that with the same proxy right?

Do you think the user agent used in J is confusing IG when assigning the Geolocation?

Because if user agent is the only difference here, that’s interesting…
Maybe do a second test on J with a new useragent (iPhone 11 for example) and same proxy, and see what’s going on. *Of course clean cookies before, or set up a new blank acc for it.

I still think is a glitch on IG side not related to the proxy, J, or anything else. But that’s just my thoughts.