[wtb] Full verified stripe or PayPal for Instagram services

Hey! I’m looking for PayPal or stripe accounts as the topic states.
Sorry mods I know it’s wrong place to post but it takes time to get approved for wtb thread.
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i am also looking for same

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I’ve been using Stripe for a few years and loved it, just today they emailed me saying I am too high risk for them and they referred me to another payment process, wtf. lol (only 2 disputes in 2 yrs btw.)

I would stay away from Paypal as a seller tbh.

Absolutely agree, but there are not too many alternatives


Transacted over 1 million USD with Payflow without issues if you have payflow it is fine but default paypal isn’t good.

On the other hand Stripe has been horrible for me locked me out of money for around 6 months.

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It’s the same thing for me with PP.
But except for locking, after 6 months, they simply took all my money.

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Just got an email recently from Stripe that after 4 years of working together, they no longer want to have me as a client. My dispute rate is <1%, I have amazing clients and provide insanely good support.

They said I am a high “dispute risk” for future payments.

I’m thinking of switching over to 2checkout (5% fees for subscriptions tho wtf), or Authorize net

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PayPal is a scam and so is elon :joy:

Did you use Paypal payflow or default paypal ?

If you are in SMM industry 2Checkout is very bad. They don’t approve it according to their ToS. But even if you try to mask your services as something else, as soon as they find what you are selling you will have problems and they will stop providing service to you. I guess they close eyes for some companies that have revenue in millions, but I would not risk with them.

I have used default PayPal

Yeah, i have been waiting for around 3 weeks for approval or at least for the reply and then got rejected :slight_smile:

I am signing up with Authorize dot net. Heard good things, sucks that I need a $80 plugin to use them on Wordpress lol

Did you do an integration with Stripe on your SM website(s) ? That might be the reason why they caught you. Stripe ToS are like PayPal’s, after all

Yes, but also in my invoices I specified: “Giveaway growth: 10K followers” - AI caught it.

I know another big agency dude that got taken down too recently, they’re doing house cleaning.

Their loss, I had a low dispute rate and earned them a lot of processing money lol

Yeah. Shouldn’t precise anything related to SM in those invoices, too easy to be guilty if inspection comes up …

I use authorizedotnet as well I had a business associate set up an LLC in US and so far authorize has been good it is a high-risk merchant so it supports up to 5% dispute rate.

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UPDT: Today i got locked the second PP account which had 0 disputes or chargeback
Its simply crazy.


Did you used them both on same ip or device? i have heard they track ip’s means on which device and network a previously banned pp was used if you use another one it will will eventually get banned too.