[WTB] Sending DM's on Instagram to get clients for manual clients management in 2020

Hello , back 2 years ago i was sending massive DM’s from over 100+ ig accounts.Targeting wasnt that good, also the price was very small for the growth 50-79$.

So now, after the break, I’m sending DM’s manually for manual growth. I use only 3 accounts.

Example of an account from which I send DM’s: https://www.instagram.com/milliehewlettonline/

I didnt manage to get clients yet, so yeah , at the moment i keep trying. I’m sure i need to improve many things.

My question is, does anyone here still gets clients by sending DMs? And by clients i mean not the cheapest ones, at least 200$ per month clients or so.

If yes, please, send me PM. I’m willing to pay for the consultation. I will pay for a person who gets results at the moments. I don’t need your all secrets or something, just need basic info what i could improve/change so i could close clients.


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My 0.02 cents

If you are going to post DM’s via personal account (that has already some following) you’ll get much higher results. At least this is what I’ve gained from my research.

The account you’ve mentioned is missing trust factor(s) + is all over the place. I’d suggest you to create a personal account and start from there.

I’d like to start some reselling service and use IG DM’s as main source of the traffic (everything manual). If you want, feel free to hit me up via PM and we can exchange information or help each other possibly setup some kind of JV together.


I would highly recommend only sparking interest in a DM, maybe even just to a blog article that gives a little insight or news on Instagram. From there it is much easier to generate a lead/sale because you have more options to look credible.

A lot of people in the niche are using a really blatant approach as if they would ask “yo bro wanna sign up?”. Reachable phone numbers, proper address, contracts, live support that is active and online etc. Most of the landing pages in that niche are missing that. And if I would spend 200$ per month on something is want some credibility and liability. But maybe that’s just me :slight_smile:

You could also use a “proxy” product/service that can be easily delivered and upsell the service you are actually wanna make a profit on. Social Media Management is one of the harder products to make people happy with, so using a “proxy” product where it is easy to build trust with the customer and increase the confidence they have in investing into you or your agency, might help.


Thanks a lot for your insight Henry! I just PM’ed you with my current website(landing page) so you can take a look and tell me if it looks good! Also I asked you about that idea of selling proxy! Btw what do you think could be sold them more?

BTW I would appreciate your or other members here help with landing pages which could convert good into sales.

Anyway, I have some questions. You are right Henry, building trust with article or something may help, but I still feel that blog would miss some evidence. And my biggest client back is automation times is about 25k followers fitness trainer ,i dont have, so how i can proof to my potential client that im a legit? I really need to find a way how i can prove them im legit before they pay me. I would agree to do trials for them, but doing it for free for more than 1-2 peopel would feel not very good i think…?

I had an idea to provide free growth for already big people , like 50-150k people in any niche, so once i provide them service and they are happy with it, after 2 weeks or so they can promote me on their ig accounts or something, but still, i doubt any big person 50-150k will give his login credentials you know… So yeah…

I really liked the approach and agree on almost all points!