WTF hide my numbers

Is Hide My Numbers down? I haven’t been able to get in and verify any accounts today and some of yesterday as well.

Any news about this? We didn’t have any complaints from other clients.

I signed up for HMN and they only provide Chinese numbers. What do I have to do to get access to their US numbers?

Dunno, I use a combo of HMN and Get My Code which is Bulgarian numbers.

Is it Chinese numbers or something else that you use from HMN?

Is this - - the Get My Code website you use? That’s the only thing google managed to muster up.

Thanks btw!

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If this thread is still active…
I am not able to pv a single account through hidemynumbers!!
When I fetch number it shows Error fetching a number!!

@filmbiz123 make sure to check other threads via the search bar before reviving dead ones.

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Yeah, I searched other threads too…
But there is no thread up with this issue…
So if anyone up with this problem please reply here


And if you use the search bar you’ll fine equal and better alternatives to hide my number.

Yeah but I have a good amount struck there!!!
Usually, I bulk PV my accounts through HMN so I deposited a good amount there and now it is stuck!!!