WTF pinterest ? f*** me?

Today i wanted to test pinterest o MP so i added 10 account click on verify they logged in and i did the default settings and added some keyword on the like sources then click start then copy seting and start to all account then al are banned before even the first like ???
what’s the problem ?
are they my accounts ? or i did something wrong ?
or it’s always like that ?

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Have you followed this?

BTW for me .ru’s getting banned fairly quick on PI so I am using other and it’s been fine so far but I am still warming up slowly…

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no i didn’t and it don’t matter

why even some basic option are not there ?
you can’t even set a like delay ???
it’s liking too fast

Do you use different proxies for creating and using accounts?

i bought them

Often it is the cookies that are the problem why you get banned, did you buy the accounts or are the accounts created on the same ip

I’d say the provider is the problem, try getting a couple from someone else and test them out. There’s no reason for them to get banned like that unless the were bad in the first place.

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does aged matter on pinterest ?
or it’s beter i just create myself ?

If you can try creating a couple yourself and see if that still happens. If you take it easy with them they should work nicely. I guess age matters with all types of accounts, but it’s not that big of a factor, there are many other factors involved that you can control if you create the accounts yourself.

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is it safe to use the auto login ?
cause the manual login is too slow

I am using auto log in, so far no problems.

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why there is not even those fucking basic option ?? copy settings ? i need to make settings for each account ?? pain in the a****

there is a copy settings option at the bottom of follow/unfollow/like (not sure about others)

i need it for the repin
each board on different niche so sources made manually so at least i need to copy settings to gain some time

sounds like a feature request then :stuck_out_tongue:

good idea

I had a problem with Pinterest when I created an account with a proxy.

I followed 14 people on day TWO of the account, and got myself banned.

Although they admitted their mistake (:smiley:) I still see proxies as a big red flag for creating accounts.

My advice is either use your home IP to create accounts, wait 1-2 days, go and play a bit manually for a few days, create some boards and some pins (I actually do it all on one session and it seems to work fine) and then move your account to MP, or create accounts locally using your 3G connection and Multi-memu.

Hope this helps.

Can’t really confirm this (yet), I manually created a bunch of Pinterest Accs on proxies and all are alive (about 2 weeks later). The only thing that got my accounts banned was using for sign up. But I make sure my accounts I create look real (bio, avatar, couple boards - bunch of pins)

maybe then your proxy are flagged
i don’t think that creating acc on proxy is problem if they are clean