WTF?! "VULVA gallery" 😳 on IG (100+K followers)


Fortunately, I am at home now, because you made me laugh, too :grin:
And well, yes, in a way, you are right… Even though its just “paintings” and honestly, I saw only the first three ones (not the whole gallery with over 400 pics). Is this then reason for kinda absolution? :slight_smile: If not, and you tell it to my boss (that I am a VULVA-watcher :grin:), its okay. If they fire me, yes, I wont have an fixed income any more, but anyway, then I have more time for IG :smiley:


Vulvawatcher or Taintpainter, it doesn’t matter what you are, but if you show a nipple or butt… BANNED.


Butt no nipple yes👍


Well yeah, true. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start getting more conservative with both though, especially for bigger accounts.


Well, I posted a lot of links in this forum. But only one brought me THAT badge :grin: :see_no_evil:

:joy: :see_no_evil: :joy::see_no_evil: :joy:

Btw, dont search for #Vulva on Instagram. I heard :wink: you will see a lot of weird stuff then like this:

… and also:


Any update on this, @Ian? :grin: :grin: :grin:


I learned something again today!
Mpsocial is so educational, love it.


Still waiting on some SIM cards, once they arrive I’ll do it :smiley:


WTH! This wasnt a joke of you!! :joy: :joy: :joy: Thanks for making me laugh again!! :smiley:

IF, just IF this is working for you and you really making money with it, may I suggest that you make then a small donation to the foundation that WORTIME has once suggested, ANIMAL RESCUE. The link is also in his bio or find it here:

Just a suggestion, of course… :slight_smile:

@ all:
If you didnt follow my suggestion NOT to search for #vulva on Instagram, you may already saw THIS account:

And btw, did you know? :smiley:

… but this has changed now! There is a museum!


I don’t really do any CPA, not sure if I’d put any links on the profile, but if I did … I’d probably donate to breast cancer research or something :blush:

Just need to start collecting some images first, that’s the hardest part (or easiest?)

Ok, account started. Need to get a proxy and wait for this to warm up before I start posting. Doubt it’ll last long.

@vulvapage if you want to follow its progress.


Whatever you want, dear @Ian.
Slogan: “Making the world a bit better with IM and Vulva business” :smiley:

I think it really depends on the content. The VULVA GALLERY shows very good which content seems to be not prohibited. Other possible content can maybe found here:

Will be happy to help you (if needed) to find good “feed accounts” for your vulva business :speak_no_evil: :grin:


@SkinnyGirl he @ian already has a foundation that he donates to and would like others to donate to

Which is far more admirable.


I was going to donate to the “I need to pay bills fund” first, but that’s assuming Vuvla’s make any money :sweat_smile:

not counting strippers, porn stars or prostitutes


@SkinnyGirl There have been 126 clicks so far! I love the MP community and hope we can all help each other with respect to our individual goals!


You made my day @SkinnyGirl! ROTFLMAO!!! :joy: :grinning: :grin:
Reminds me of the “Vagina Monologues” Art Shows in NYC during the 60s and 70s…
Walls and walls and walls all covered with photos, paintings, sculptures, and “Installations” of Vaginas of ALL sizes, shapes, colors, etc… LOL! So I have to ask. How does one “monetize” an IG account like that? LOL :joy:


Happy to hear that :smiley: The whole thread here made me laugh several times - especially due to some answers of @Ian,@Wortime and also @g8f7e9x0w :slight_smile: like this:


Pretty sure, that there are ways :smiley: . We could collect ideas for that, making it a project of several members here. And then, when there is some profit out of it, we can give something to the projects that @WORTIME or @Ian have suggested (ANIMAL RESCUE / BREAST CANCER RESEARCH). :grinning:


I beg to differ. I’ve been to not one but two vagina museums :slight_smile:

that sounds so wrong but really … I’m trying to search for my photos just to prove that the statement above has nothing to do with me doing two old ladies :smiley:


Here in NYC we have the Museum of Sex, and I’m sure there’s much more in more non-US artistic cities with positive outlooks on sex (Paris, London, etc) and where nudity isn’t considered an offensive crime.


Was doing some research and stumbled on this photo (from April) with uncensored nipples. Not sure how it hasn’t been banned, but then when you see the account is promoting LGBT positive stuff, it makes you think that they only act based on what they WANT to act on.



It’s the CEO following his narrative of wanting to “Clean up the internet” from that article you posted a while back. LBGTQ rights are a hot topic right now, and IG is “virtue signaling”. They would rather not risk being seen as biased towards LBGTQ as that could be seen as censoring.

It’s all bullshit.

I want my fucking normie meme page back, YOU HEAR ME FUCKERBERG???


They just need to relax the fucking censorship rules per country, properly age gate accounts, and prevent hateful/toxic/terrorist behavior, because those are the true problems on any platform. It’s stupid that social media companies are picking and choosing (seemingly at random) as they go, based on whatever agenda is currently a hot topic. It shows nothing but total hypocrisy. This entire topic proves that.

I love finding accounts where in the bio they say “Deleted at 20k” or something, and wonder what exactly they really could have done that deserved deletion, probably nothing, but… power-tripping people with an agenda, they’ll do whatever they want and then justify it.