Yes, this is the 12439th. topic about manual growth but listen

Hello everybody,

This is my first. But I’ve been lurking on here for a long time and bla bla all the cliché but I’m happy that I’m here with you guys! :smiley: But I wish I was here since 2014 cause you know… oh well LOL. Lately I really am wishing to time travel to 2013-2014. Because I really am helpless about Instagram… I’ll try to keep it short as much as possible. I have a few questions;

I’ve been doing good old manual f/unf on my old main account. I used chrome extension based automation 6-7 months ago (I was following targetted 300-350 people/day). And I stopped it after I started getting errors on my VPS and after that, (yes, I kind of gave up) I never used automation and let that account shrink slowly…

After months, I was determined and was ready to do whatever it takes to grow my account and with Jarvee and all the good methods in my mind I came back here just to be shocked. Anyways. I started doing manual actions and I was scared and I was very slow. But I read here that people could do hundreds of follows at a time until it won’t stick. And after an hour, they could follow hundreds of people again. And no action blocks.

  1. Is manually managed accounts has the same 6000/30 limit?
  2. If not, should I follow 400-500 (or more) people a day until I get 24h action block?
  3. I know for a fact that Instagram is hiding notifications. If I follow that many people, even if I don’t get any type of block, is it possible that instagram hiding my notifications so people won’t get it? Because since I started doing manual follows, my follow back ratio is really low and my account is NOT growing.

I hope I was clear enough. And thank you for all your answer.

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Try using the search buddy. The forums full of info in the above.

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I have experienced higher daily limits when following but haven’t tested it out for many days to confirm the 6000/30 limit.

Still, even if going manual I wouldn’t be pushing it to 500 follows per day, maybe 300-400.

Riiight, I remember reading about something like this a long time ago. Are you 100% sure on this?

I personally don’t think the limit applies. I wouldn’t push it until you get a block though!

Make sure you are following people who interact (comment and then likes) on a post, rather than just followers themselves.

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I would not recommend following 400-500, you are for sure to get blocked and probably longer than 24 hours

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If not 100%, I’m 95% sure. I remember doing a little test on this a long time ago and I remember it hid my notif.

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we are doing instagram manual growth we are working with many agencies thats true what you heard , but still try to follow limits we are doing 200 follow, 200 unfollow, 100-400 likes , 80 comments, 40 dms , you can do alot more likes follow and unfollow but that is setting we follow for our accounts , but people are also doing 1200 likes daily successfully and i have friend who followed 13k accounts in a month


so it is possible you can do daily 400 follow

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  1. Yes
  2. Yes.
  3. No

Manual actions may work and you may start getting follow backs. But keeping track of none engaging followers is truely another hassle and pain! Growing followers only without decent engagement is kind of useless. Automation makes it possible to sort the good from the bad much easier.

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Why the hell do you guys think your point is so important it needs its own thread, creating more confusion and fragmentation in this forum?!?

That question could have been a simple comment on the original thread talking about that.
And you would have get the same (right) answers there.

Seriously. Use the f***ing search.


we handle accounts manually but we still use jarvee to filter and scrape users to follow

My main question was #3 (as it is in bold) and I did search on that topic and I couldn’t find a thread about it. If it is somewhere in there and I couldn’t find it, then sorry.

Isn’t follow and unfollow both counts as one action (so the limit would be only 200 follows or only 200 unf / day) ?

How long have you been using manual method and if more than a month, can you confirm if 6000/30 limit applies to the manual method?

no 6000/ 30 limits not apply because recently i did 8.5k with no issue and my friend did 13k/30 all you can do is test bro

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13k? thats amazing! How many hours a day does he spend doing it?

Manually on phone, IG just don’t care.

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I’m genuinely feeling your frustration here.

Maybe I’ll just make 100 threads promoting the same landing page on my website seeing as everyone’s doing it.


That’s a joke.


What would you say the best follow ratio is?

Optimistacally anything closest to 100% :wink:
Realistically I would say somewhere close to around 20%-40% :ok_hand::muscle:

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