You can make your own 4g proxy

if you can make your own 4g proxy with sim cards with rooted phone or Raspberry Pi
would it be a better price than buying it from proxy services?
buying it or creating it which one is better?

just curious :slight_smile:

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Create one,that’s the best thing you can do.

Though there is a one time setup cost but if you know you are going to use it for a long time,it ofcourse becomes cheaper.

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You have new app that is functioning 100% that converts your android device with sim plan to a 4g proxy:

Well, you won’t have the best uptime also, your unlimited data plan + electricity will get you even pricier than some 4G proxies.

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If you wish to advertise your service, check out the #public-marketplace

Where do you recommend getting one from? I’m in US

This app has been reported and spoken about that it has some malicious code running in the backend.

it was also suspected that they were selling our 4g proxies or using it for their own purpose,Stay away from this app.

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It is not easy putting together a quality 4G proxy.
Even if you know what you are doing, it takes time, money, and patience to test it.
Many have tried and failed, due to unforseen hurdles on the track.
And even if you manage, how are you really going to know you’ve done a proper job at it? Frustration sets in when the accounts start getting blocked etc.
It’s about trial and error, and most legit 4G proxy providers have that part already behind them and you can profit from their experience.

Either way, everything has its price, and there is a reason for the pricing on 4G proxy providers (I know, because we are one of them). Cost of SIM, Data plan, HW, ISP, DNS, Monitoring, Website, Support, R&D, etc. It all adds up and the margins aren’t great. But it’s a niche market and needs to be treated that way.

Trial some proxies and see how they perform and test them… Then you’ll know what your aiming for if you decide to try and bake your own :+1: