You unfollowed me...let me send you a DM and report you

So got this from a client today. They received it as a DM.

I’ve never seen a DM like this before but it made me laugh so I thought I’d share. Talk about overly aggressive DM because someone unfollowed you.

Bonus points for the first one of you that claims that’s your client :smiley:


People get salty over that kind of stuff. To me since it’s just another day, we don’t see it as having an effect.

Indeed, I’ve had my share of these.


Looooool. I had a guy DM me once bc not only did I unfollow, but I was using the comment tool and deleted the comment after X amount of days. He was so mad.


I had a client get a lot of salty DM’s when I went through and purged a lot of old followers at the client’s request. Some people just take it so personally, as if a follow is starting some kind of real relationship. I’ve never understood that mentality but a lot of people are just looking for excuses to get upset it seems.


What’s this idiot’s name? I’ll report it… :joy:


Well I guess if you don’t have anything productive to do with your client’s account this is a nice way to spend the valuable time they’re paying you for?

I got a DM once from a guy being all like “I know what you’re doing and I’m onto you, bla bla”. Apparently really proud of himself for spending time every day on a separate app to watch who unfollows him so he can send them messages.


What a dumbass. F/Uf isn’t a good indication of a spam account; spam is a good indication of a spam account. Some people are just looking to get their panties in a bunch I guess.


Yeah. I’m not an active Instagram user (on my personal account) so I haven’t experienced what it’s like to receive heaps of F/UF requests, but as a consumer I’m more than comfortable with it as a marketing strategy, especially for lower budget local businesses and shops. It’s just like any advertising that’s trying to get exposure. As long as it’s not excessively harassing people then it seems like a very good medium. That’s obviously just a subjective two-cents opinion though.


Ppl really get butt hurt when they get unfollowed these days lol I admit I’m one of them but I won’t do nothing about it

They need some of this.


i kind of need this cream… from sitting long hours lol .

The way I see it is that it’s pretty industry standard, considering most of us here do it for a source of income. People are always confused and angry when I tell them that it’s pretty standard unless you have thousands a month to invest.

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That’s still acceptable, sometimes you get those who start talking ethically and they will report you.

:spoon::spoon: Solution:

I just go to some panels, buy some comments, put some insults and then I watch them and laugh like crazy cuz they reply they ask friends to reply, they go sooo maaad lmafaoooo

I manage models and each of them has her own “after follow boyfriend” a follow a bunch of likes and they think she fell in love with them lol, when she unfollow them its like the end of the world ahahaha

But the best DMs are sent to adult accs, though I don’t have the courage to read them but im pretty sure there ll be many laughs inside lol


This is brilliant :smiley: Buy comments and trash talk, I love it. Maybe share some screenshots next time you do it :smiley:

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Crazy guy haha :sweat_smile:


Obviously not to all, just to those that cross the line, starts with insults/saying that they will ask friends to report ur acc etc. etc.

What makes me laughs its that all these peps talk about ethics and then have “spywares” such Instagram/Facebook installed and they re addicted. They dont even know what a real activist is.

…And they tryna to lowering the trust score of my acc, oh they ll be, fried hens.


It’s a fair revenge:) I agree! I don’t know why so many people are like that… so much effort and in the end it doesn’t benefit them.:rofl:

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Lol, this guys is real

This regularly happens. In one of my test accounts, someone even left a comment so that people “could see” his comment and “raise awareness” yeah right.


Crazy people :rofl::rofl: