Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked

We’ve detected suspicious activity on your Instagram account and have temporarily locked it as a security precaution.

It’s likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Instagram. This attack is known as phishing.

Over the next few steps we’ll ask you to verify your identity to help secure your account, and let you log back in.

And I sent code to email and code not sent. What I can do?
But if I request password request, Instagram sent email.

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I would try to reset your password and see what happens

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And code not coming to email.

If I reset password

and after it I get again
and email still not coming

Yeah that’s really strange man. I would just keep reseting until you eventually get the code.

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I would suggest the opposite. Let the account rest, don’t try to login for a day or more, don’t request any kind of code.

It would also help if you could explain what type of account this is. Automated? Scraper? Client Account? What actions/tools did you run? Did you just buy it?

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Like the above, try it again later after a break. That is strange, but good to know this is happening. Keep updated on the progress!

Yeah definitely don’t do anything spammy now as it will look really bad for your account.
Wait a bit or contact the IG support

This is true. I totally forgot about that. I was assuming you were on a personal and did nothing on it. The answer to this will let you know what to do next

The solution is try ask code after 6 hours. That help me!

This is happening on some of my scraper accounts too. They have been working for months without any issues, some of them are getting “Temporary Locked” errors lately. They don’t do anything else except scrape

In what ratio did you run the Scrapers?

Proxy ratio? 3 per datacenter proxy

Nah, Scrapers to Main Account :slight_smile:

Today I woke up to 8 of these Temportarily Locked notifications. Everything worked perfectly for weeks. Am I the only one that got a mass hit from these?

I use scrapers to scrape data, not to send usernames to main account. Apologies if I wasn’t clear in my first message.

I am getting more “Temporarily Locked” status every day. At the moment out of 2250 profiles, about 50% are “Temporarily Locked”. Some of them go to “Email Confirmation” if I try to verify them, which is also the next step on the "Temporarily Locked’ status (it asks you to verify via email/phone).

Anyone else having the same issue? All of my accounts were scraping just fine with the same setup since November 2019.

give the account some rest for a few days then try again.

This is common? Can I continue scraping afterward?

I’m finding that Instagram is locking down a bit on the amount of actions that you can do. I get “Couldn’t refresh feed” errors all the time now after liking maybe 100 photos.

I would lower what you are doing on your scraper accounts, and then slowly briing it back up again

Try to use these settings. I’m not getting that issues.

Delay all tools when API errors exceed a given value: 30-60 mins when API errors exceeds 10-15 per hour & between 60-400 mins when API errors exceed 100-150 per day

Delay all tools when API calls exceed a given value: 20-40 mins when API errors exceeds 400-600 per hour & between 500-700 mins when API calls exceeds 12000-20000 per day


Enable API imits
Wait between 3000-7000 miliseconds
when api call exceed 10 API call in the last 40-60 seconds

Hope it helps to everyone.