Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked

Yea same here, I got my phone number, but it doesn’t send code on it for days now, everyrhing fucked up

I’ve been having the same problem, account temporarily locked for phishing. However I did get a code and I put it and thought everything was fine. But then it asked me to do this new “video selfie” feature that I’ve never seen or heard of before, to check it in a real person. Which I did, after doing it I was ready to hit submit, but every time I do, I get an error message to try again later. For 24 hours now. Submitted countless number of reports to Instagram, have not heard back, it’s insane how horrible the customer support is

So my account isn’t getting hacked?? I’m really worried this never happened before and I have really weird stuff in my messages I don’t want people reading and then posting it if my account did get hacked…

HELLO PLS i am experiencing same problem as well. I have submit request and I got a msg from Facebook on my email. But still no good response from them ands its my business page pls help

i got mail from Facebook but I was told to reply them from my lost Gmail account which i don’t have access to again

Yes, this is a new verification type from Instagram. New Verification Screen Using Selfie Video - Facial recognition like in an airport You’re not the only who got that error when trying to submit a video selfie. Let’s hope IG fixes that bug asap. It’s really annoying.

Wow thank you. I thought I was the only one with this new feature and glitch. Glad there’s more people out there. Hoping they fix it soon !!

Did u get any help pls if yes kindly share in same shit right now

Pls can u help me out

Same thing happened to me today thought i was getting hacked, i dont have access to my old email that the account is associated with, i have no clue what to do anymore

Any help?

I have the same problem. I am trying to log into my account but it says temporarily that it has been locked … it tells me that I will receive a code in the email that I have stated so as to be verified but I do not know this email …

You needn’t have to do anything.? . You just waited and it opened by itself?

Where did you send your photos so as to verify your identity?

@Chris_Empire how did you email Instagram? I’ve been having the same issues and couldn’t figure out who to email to get my account back

What email address were they emailing you off of? I can’t seem to find one anywhere.

Hi you click on need more help in signing in…don’t log in directly else it wont give u wat u want.underneath the log in box you will see need more help signing in

Step 2 it brings out options u click on u cant access ur email nor phone number .

Step 3 it brings out a form.

Did you enter different emails in the 1st and 2nd field? make sure you enter the OG email of the account in “Email used to create account”. Then submit the form again.


So my account was temporarily locked just like everyone else on this page. I am SO happy I was able to regain access on my own WITHOUT FB/IG’s support - they are no help. After requesting support I submitted photo of myself and they sent me a link to update my password because the link was not going to the email associated with the account even though it was correct. My FB account was linked to IG account but it wouldn’t let me log in via FB. My phone was outdated so I was out of options. When I told IG support updating password did not remove the lock on my account, they re-sent the link and said nothing else could be done for me.

I went to Best Buy over the weekend to browse laptops for black Friday and had this feeling to try logging into IG with one of their display laptops. My account was still locked when attempting to log in. I clicked forgot password and to my surprise it sent the link to the email associated to the account - perhaps different ip address was needed. I had previously used personal PC and work PC when the app was locked on my phone but that never did anything. Moving on, account was still locked but it did give me option to click on FB and log in my credentials. I forgot my password for FB so I reset password and it sent me the code to reset (to the same email). Then after logging in on FB it sent me to IG page that says pick email or text for code to verify identity. And it did - I GOT THE CODE sent to email. I was jumping up and down in disbelief - I didn’t walk into Best Buy expecting to get my account back.

Anyways - if you can one method of verifying identity try requesting on a PC / laptop you’ve never logged into before. Chances are it may send the code and unlock for you ! Different ip address helped me so it may help someone else.

My account was locked for 2 weeks total - just got it back 11/22/2020.

Hope this helps someone. I really lost hope when FB/IG support turned me away and didn’t want to create ad on FB as someone had previously advised on this thread to talk to real human for support. The FB/IG support emails I got didn’t seem like an actual customer rep, more like generated responses as I got them immediately.

note: when I updated password for FB - I clicked on option to log out of all other devices. Not sure if that helped in any way but still wanted to share everything I did

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I have the same exact problem. The problem is I randomly received this message and tried verifying myself and I have updated my phone number but it’s still requesting to send the code to the phone number I updated from. So I don’t have access to this phone number and every time I try changing my password it works and sends to my current phone number but I can’t even access my account in general so that’s no use. I’m screwed.