Your Request Couldn’t be Processed

Hello, My Instagram account was deactivated for no reason (as usual) and I am sending in the form. However I cannot send it anymore due to an error “ Your Request couldn’t be processed”. I need immediate assistance please as I need to have my account unbanned as quickly as possible as it is affecting many things. Even if you do not know please send in some tips or recommend me someone or someplace that can help me out. Thank you.

Please use the search function. Plenty of threads on this

Can you send me the link please? Because I keep finding threads to reactivate but none with the same error message that I am getting.

look for how to unban your account. they all get unbanned the same way no matter what the message

Yea but every method uses the same form which I cannot complete due to the error message stated above.

I’m closing the topic.
Please have a link.
best regards