Your Ultimate Life Advice


The most important step a man can take. It’s not the first one, is it?
It’s the next one. Always the next step.

Once I don’t feel motivated, I read It again and again and trust me, I recover my energy!

(Quote from one of the Brandon Sanderson’s books)


No one can take your hapiness from you without your permission

Life is like a boring party, you can go sit in a corner and watch it pass by or make the best of it.

Realize your alive :wink:




Go to Burning Man.


Remember…chicks love a good instagram activity block. If you’ve got it flaunt it!


:joy::joy: haha. That’s a good one man.


Never settle for less know your worth, you can’t change past only the future, things will be ok In the end and work smart and harder


It’s simple, but my best life advice is to spend more energy on the things you love, than the things you hate. Laughing makes you live longer, whereas hating just gives you greys.


I’m not a businessman
I’m a Business… Man

  • Jay Z


“motivation comes and goes,
create habits”


If you want to have more, become more


I think the biggest thing I learnt was that you are responsible for your outcome in life, there is no excuse to blame anyone but you. Materialistically, whatever you currently own or have at the moment is in direct proportion to what you have contributed to society, kind of like what MPSocial have here with there trust levels. :blush:


Lots of awesome advice here I’ll add some of mine :slight_smile:

  1. Not all people are like you so do not compare yourself to others or vice versa (different mentality, experience and levels of empathy) this is extremely important if you are trying to please someone i.e. thinking that he might enjoy receiving your help/gift etc

  2. Make sure you do your best to leave something behind whether its kids, a brand or anything of value. We all die therefore a smart thing to do is to leave some legacy or at least something that will prolong your “existence” in this world.

  3. Be nice towards people - you wouldn’t believe how being polite and nice in general towards others could help with your relationships and even your mood. Doing the opposite just makes your life a living hell - just imagine a cashier whose being a dick his/her whole day creating a vicious cycle of hatred, how shitty must he feel throughout the day (unless he enjoys being like that which takes you back to my 1st advice)

  4. Time is the most precious thing we have so make sure you spend it well and with the right people.

  5. Do not act in a way you might regret later especially if it involves your close family


I always work for myself and do everything to make me happy :slight_smile:


You may have everything you wish and ask for.
Banking money, the coolest car to drive, and you’r e hustling your way to the TOP feeling untouchable.
But unfortunately in the middle of all our struggles to reach the skies, we forget the most precious values infront of us. All that time we lost spending with our loved ones. VIVA LA FAMILIA :family_man_woman_boy: & TRUE FRIENDS, those whom even money can’t buy.

May everyone’s loved ones stay blessed.
:point_up: This and only this, and then everything else!


Never love no hoes


Find what makes you happy (easier said than done) and work towards it.
Always be open to change in all aspects of life.

  • (Best advise) Experience ego-death and then understand that ego is part of being human. Learn to understand and suppress the ego. Life becomes very, very different and much more positive for you and everyone around you. It doesn’t sound like crazy advice, but the perspective and lasting inner peace is priceless. There are shortcuts but I probably cannot say publicly.

  • Wake up just before sunrise mediate and have a morning routine that makes you happy, everyday

  • Go for walks in nature as much as possible and workout regularly (3 times a week)

  • Visit your family no less than once a week to once a fortnight. If you cannot visit, video chat with them instead. If you have no family, this can be a very close friend. If you have no one, you have yourself (which should be the least loniest place to be, alone)

  • Be real and authentic with everyone. If they take offense or dislike you for being authentic, they are scared of being authentic themselves.

  • Do the best you can without expectations from anyone (even your SO around the house), you will be appreciated. No one owes you anything.

  • Take risks, we’re going to die anyway

  • Make income from something that is fulfilling and fun for you

  • Help less fortunate people in ways that makes you happy and doesn’t affect you financially in a negative way

Edit* NoFap is ridiculously real for me lol, no question about it

I hope someone finds this useful


Don’t waste money on buying stupid shit, spend it on experiences. And avoid letting friends borrow money, they all promise to pay you buy but most don’t. :roll_eyes:


Why is that!!! :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: