Youtube bot view

is anyone try this software ?
is it work or scam ?


Never tried that service. It’s super expensive anyways, at least for me.

daamn man :grin: that’s some expensive stuff, I will do a small search about its reputation, did you try it? @TUBE_SURVEY_FOR_MONE

I never heard about that software. maybe you can try their preview mode to test it. If you want to reach 4k hours of watchtime on a few channels, consider buying views from smm panel instead of using that software.

Yes is very expensive but if the bot the all things that they said it worth of the money.
Someone have experience witht this website?

Not 100% sure if OP asks a serious question or wants to promote his services :lying_face:

You can do this in Jarvee with a rotating IPs (needs to rotate in time with the Video Watches) and the newly added cookie clear setting on, you don`t even need a YT account. Just open a YT profile in Jarvee, add random info in the user and password details, disable auto-sync mark the account as valid. Go to the Watch Video settings add your YT urls, set the time to watch the Videos (this method will also build watched hours) also make sure you set the views between 4k and 5k.

There you go some gold there, no need for these expensive services when you have Jarvee :sunglasses:


Amazing information @jas. How many IP’s do you need per 1K views?


This is really Interesting. I never run the watch tool without a real valid account. :grinning:

Is this the daily limit in Settings tab?

it’s better to run a rotating ip, so one that rotates every action or changes every 1min or so, if youre building watch time you`ll need to run more accounts if you want it completed quickly!

There are a number of providers with rotating ip services (you can also use IPv6).

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the settings tab needs to be very high too, but that setting is for the extracted video tab.

When you restart JV you might need to hit the valid tab again, but yeah works - one of those underhood hacks, also works for website views using ‘Full Browser Exp’ and SEO raking - Ok, now I`ve said too much!


Hi Jas, I would need you help on this personally…Are u able to help? I am serious. Cheers

ask away?

Happy to help if I can…

Thanks for your respoce. I need a step by step to be able to use Jarvee for my facebook and YT Channel. I am not very good but learning. Thx

Hi, i tried back in time mp to get views on my yt videos using rotating and 4g proxies and yeah, it worked, i got views but problem was that that views I generated dropped, im not sure what i did wrong.

If YT detects the same cookies of IP the view is cancelled out. Longer videos and adding lots of videos to the watch que will help.

I`ve not used this method for a bit and notice YT requires you to click and accept cookies, maybe something for the Jarvee Team, also the social exchange is still working well!


never tried that. Can you plz guide me about that?

youtube. com /watch?v=fwa9ucIGGr8

I bought it and downloaded it. It is a scam


How do you know it is a scam?