Youtube Comment Likes to get into top comments

In the past I bought Youtube Comment Likes to boost my comment into the TOP COMMENTS.
It always worked. The Likes came within minutes and my post appeared very high (mostly in the TOP 5 comments). Now when I buy the comment likes, youtube doesnt bring them up anymore.

Do you know iof Youtube Changed its algorhythm?
How can they detect if its unusual activity/bot likes or natural likes?

I am trying to fix this so I can work like before.
Its a good way to do CPA :wink: I made decent income with it. I had to invest in likes but when I made $5 outr of every day $1…its easy to scale up.

Help me, DM me, we can work.

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I am not an expert, but look at what the other platforms are doing regarding paid for likes and comments. They are punishing accounts for the behavior. It would be odd if Youtube wasn’t doing the same thing.

yea but its likes to a specific comment.
It worked but a few weeks ago it stopped working.
Likes still come, but the Comment get literally 0 ranking improvement.
Before, I could easily get into the TOP COMMENTS, (even out of thousands of comments=)

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Sorry buddy, don’t know what to tell you…

Hello Mazioo,

Instead of those tricks its better to focus on good content so that you will get good response.