Youtube Pre Roll Advertising

Hey Guys,

I’m thinking of testing out Youtube Advertising in form of preroll ads and ads in the google network (Banners on Websites etc.)

Since no one watches a whole ad, I thought making a short 6-7 video that simply raises brand awareness would be suited best. Something interesting that leaves the user wondering for more and that’ll make him check out my website if he’s seen it three times.

Does anyone have tips for YT PreRoll Ads including CPV and daily budget or any other recommendations like lenght, content of the ad etc.?

My goal is to raise brand awareness

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Anyone? :crazy_face:

Ok, so I have ZERO expertise on this subject (if anyone does, please chime in!), but as someone who has seen probably hundreds of these while using YT, I would encourage you to keep your video to 5 seconds (because many videos allow the viewer to skip after 5 seconds) and to include audio in addition to text (because half the time, I don’t “watch” the video–it’s a song or something).

These could be terrible recommendations from an advertising perspective, but I’m thinking about it from the perspective of a viewer.

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No better perspective than one from the person that I’m trying to reach :smiley:

just wanted to throw in there that i have watched a full ad, was actually super interested …

I wrote a pretty detailed thread about pre roll advertising here