How to grow your Youtube Channel and do Ads with Google Adwords

Hi, guys first of all thanks a lot for allowing me access to this amazing community. I already gained a lot from the insights on here. This is my attempt to bring some value.

UPDATE 7.1.2020:

Keyword Method

Youtube is basically a Search Engine with Videos, which means that it categorizes the content based on the Keywords and Title you set. The AI has huge problems to accurately access the quality of your Video, so it rates it based on the Engagement it achieves and will rank you higher or lower in the search bar. For optimal chances of success you want to use Keywords in your Title and Description that have a lot of search traffic but low competition. The Tool VidIQ is great for finding such Keywords.

In this post i will cover:

1. How to get your Videos in the Youtube Trends of your country

2. How to make Viral Videos

3. How to use google Adwords for Marketing with a CPC as Low as 1 Cent per Click

Some of these methods are my own, some i gained from online courses. If i gained the methods from a course i will reference the course. I am in no way affiliated with any of the courses.

How to get your Video in the Youtube Trends of your country (my own method)

So to get into the youtube trends of your country is actually quite easy if u have a small channel. U just need a small amount of traffic from an embedded source. There is a blackhat and a whitehat method to do it.

Blackhat: U buy views from a smm pannel that sends embedded views. They embed the youtube video on a website and then send that link to real users who watch the video. I once got number #15 of trends in germany by sending 2000 views to a newly generated channel. The problem with this method is that u can most of the times tell someone bought the views if u check the video with a programm like VidIQ. In the traffic sources it will tell you that the views come from a page like or something like that and youtube can probably tell this too. So if u dont want ur AdSense (Ability to make money through YT Ads) to be disabled i would advise against it.

U get Views from a Blog or by paying Influencers to promote your video in their story with a swipe up link. I know the blog method works, as for the influencers i think it should work. I will try and then update u. I think its important that the blog is quite big and as well that the influencers post at exactly the same time because it really kicks the algo when a lot of views come in a short time.

SOMETHING TO WATCH OUT FOR: Youtube checks how the views are generated at around 800 Views. So i would advise u to wait for sending traffic until u hit that number organically.

How to make Viral Videos (Jumpcut Academy Course Method)

This is from the Jumpcut Academy Course of two very famous youtubers who build up many channels organically. I can really recommend the course. It has a hefty price tag of 900 $ but if u dont have that money to spend…well its the internet… :wink:

Their checklist on how to make a viral video goes like this:

1.Challenge Assumptions
2.Tell a story
3. Have a unique perspective
4.Ellicit Emotions

After u created a video with viral potential u then start pitching it to blogs. U start with small ones while working your way up the food chain. When approaching the bigger ones u reference the smaller ones that already posted it. Of course not every video will go viral but if u keep going at it theres a good chance some will.

Using Google AdwordsTrue View Ads for Marketing of your YT Videos (my own method)

Google Adwords is a powerful tool but its very complicated at first sight and the google adwords courses are not necessarily easy either. This method works best when you want to promote videos with entertaining content, like music videos, or videos of Influencers (Youtubers).

Actually i think its way easier to see someone do it then to just read through everything. So if u have 10$ to spend this course covers the basics quite well. (I wouldnt recommend the rest of it though, he does a lot of stuff faking the SEO of YT Videos which Google can detect…. If u want to put a bit more effort into it ->

This is my method:

I will explain how to use True View Ads. Your Youtube Video will play in front of other videos as an advertisement and the user has the chance to skip it or not. Everytime someone watches it longer than 30 seconds the view gets counted and with good content you should always have a cost per view of 1-3 Cents. You will only pay if the user chooses not to skip your video and watches more than 6 seconds of it

So first of all you want to create an google adwords account. Out of some absurd reason google wants u to place an ad right away without allowing you access to the full adwords interface. So right after creating your adwords acc just fill in the fields with token infos and then place 10 $ or whatever as your bid and create the ad. Then immediately stop it, so you dont have to pay anything.

Now you have access to the full google adwords interface.

Now you click on campaign and then on the + sign to create a new one.

Since we wanna promote videos on youtube we click on video afterwards. It will ask you what the goal for your campaign is but this doesnt really matter since we gonna do all the important fields manually so just click on no goal for now.

As for budget we wanna click on total budget not daily budget - just so we are safe not forgetting to stop the ad and then draining all our money.

Starting and end date: I figured a week is good to gather data and views but if you wanna do it longer or shorter thats up to you.

As for Ad Networks: we will only choose Youtube Videos its the most effective for our purpose

Country: Well that depends on your video of course

Max CPV: I usually work with a CPV of 5 cent and end up paying somewhere in between 1-3 Cents per View.

I usually change this depending on what my target group is

Now it gets important:

You can either advertise by keywords, subjects, or placements

As for what works best:
Thats up to your content. For every video i would make one campaign for every three of these as well as one totally blank without any targeting and then after the first week look at what worked best and then choose for later on.

Here you can enter keywords of similiar content like the names of your competitors

here you can enter youtube videos in front of which your ad shall be played. in order for your ad to work really well you have to enter as many videos as anyway possible. this is very well targeted but it usually limits the range of your ad so you either pay more money or dont get enough plays

This is rather broad so for a pop music video you would pick smthng like „pop music“ and thats it. often it works better than one thinks bcs somehow youtube will still find out a good target audience even though its a broad targeting.

So now you will have created 4 ad campaigns for 25 $ each so 100 $ in total.

After a week you should check your results and after a while you will know what works best for your content: placement, keywords or interests.


When you add your own video u wanna promote be sure to take the link from your browser and not the one you get when you right click your youtube videos. These links dont work with Google Adwords. As for the displayed link: It doesnt really matter what you write here, since its only the displayed one not the real one.

Hope this helped someone!


I’ve always been a bit of a Neanderthal when it comes to Youtube but it’s something I’ve been dabbling in lately.

Nice to see a writeup on here with some good ‘non-bs’ stuff in it. Learned a few things I’ll put into action.

Thanks for writing this up and sharing :+1:


Great share thank you… Apprecaited, Some nuggets in here

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Something I’ll keep in my trove to reference once and if I get in the YouTube space. :slight_smile:

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Sure man. Just drop me a DM.

Nice tutorial. I put in $10 to promote one video i will update how it goes!

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I use adwords from long time and I am also getting view less then 2 INR/View.

one question?
SOMETHING TO WATCH OUT FOR: Youtube checks how the views are generated at around 800 Views. So I would advise u to wait for sending traffic until u hit that number organically

Why would this be a problem for google how I generate my traffic its people am sending to there platform and they are profiting from it.