Youtube will let you use RSS feeds again

This might be good news for some people, it seems that Google changed their minds about not allowing RSS feeds, they support it fully now, you can check their official announcement here

This is basically what they say:

Get RSS updates for a single channel

To get an RSS feed of a single channel’s uploads, paste the channel URL into your RSS reader.

Get RSS updates for all subscriptions

To import all your YouTube subscriptions to your RSS reader, you can use our OPML file download feature

What do you guys think? Is this helpful or not, how could you use this the best?


I have a youtube channel,how is this helpfull to someone like me?

You can use Mass Planner to extract videos from your RSS feed automatically and promote them on FB groups or pages.


yes, what Adnan said, having an RSS feed is great as you can use it to post to so many other places. If you have an youtube channel you can automatically share your video immediately after you post it to your facebook, twitter,instagram, g+, pinterest, linkedin accounts so it has a better chance of getting viral.

This is an awesome news for youtube content creators who are using Mass Planner.

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Could you use another person’s feed?

For example, if your Niche was Boxing - and there were highlights from the latest fights, on various YouTube accounts, could you set Mass Planner to send those out as Tweets, or Facebook Posts etc…

I think you can, you should be able to have access to anyone’s feed.

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So take any feed and use that to create tweets, posts etc?

I’ve been doing this for months. There are tutorials online that show how to get a channel or playlist RSS feed.

@Johnny, does MP can cross post automatically to other social media platforms once you made a post via FB? thanks!

@clicktrepreneur, you can create a campaign that will share posts from your Facebook Page and publish it on Twitter, GooglePlus and LinkedIn. Thanks!

I believe that’s the only way for now…

yes, that’s the only way, but that’s why rss is important. You can create a campaign, pull content via that rss and post to any other platform or any number of other accounts. People promoting on youtube will probably get a lot more traffic by sharing their video on 10-20 twitter,fb,pinterest accounts. Especially if it’s a viral video.