2020 Hashtag Strategy ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Not getting enough reach from your Hashtags?

Well if you are stuck using bad hashtag sets, or worse banned hashtags โ€“ you wont appear in hashtags at all.

You need to be real here and target Hashtags with the right popularity for your account. Be smart about it and try testing out different hashtag strategies.

My personal favorite is the ladder strategy. Itโ€™s about utilizing smaller hashtags to get more exposure, which in return leads to more engagement โ€“ helping you rank on the bigger hashtags even at a smaller following.

To make things easier I made an explanation on what hashtag sizes you should use depending on your follower count:

:one: Between 0 and 2.500 followers you should use 75% hashtags(with total post count 5k-250k) and 20% hashtags(with total post count 500k-1mil)

:two: Between 2.500 and 15.000 followers you should use 70% hashtags(with total post count 5k-250k) and 25% hashtags(with total post count 500k-1mil)

:three: Between 15.000 and 50.000 followers you should use 30% hashtags(with total post count 5k-250k), 30% hashtags(with total post count 500k-1mil) and 10% hashtags(with total post count 1mil-10mil)

:four: Between 50.000 and 100.000 followers you should use 20% hashtags(with total post count 250k-500k), 40% hashtags(with total post count 500k-1mil) and 40% hashtags(with total post count 1mil-10mil)

Do you have a hashtag strategy? If not will you be using the ladder strategy from now on?


will give this a shot, thanks for the quality post, do you now of any other strategies?

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Do you know with what frequency you can use the same hashtags. Letโ€™s say you post a group of hashtags Monday, can you use the same hashtags on thursday? @Alexnvo

i been using the same set of hashtags for 6 months on many pages and they still reach good


Like the exact same hashtags for two days in same week?

6 months, 7 days a week


I had never thought of this strategyโ€ฆ what do you mean by banned hashtags? Are they the hashtags where our posts donโ€™t appear/our account gets shadowbanned? I think when i get shadownbanned, my post doesnโ€™t appear in all hashtags I added.

If you use a banned hashtag your post wonโ€™t show up for any hashtag, simple as that.
Remember that there are two types of banned #s, permanent and temporary.
I would like to add also that if a hashtag you used and was OK later becomes banned the post will not show in hashtags anymore, you can fix it removing the banned hashtagโ€ฆ
Be careful with trendy hashtags as IG can ban them anytime, due to spamming or userโ€™s reports.

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How do you guys check if a tag is banned or not?

You can use a tool like this:
or you can check it on IG

Also you will see only TOP POSTs and not โ€œMost recentโ€

I use a combination of both methods.

There are a few more too, if you know a bit of programming, using Instagram json endpoints.


Thank you! 13chrs

Iโ€™ve been using this, but only getting 1-3 impressions on tags

Howโ€™s the initial engagement on your posts? Or you may be shadowbanned

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I get 500 likes, 5.3k followers on that page

Maybe the hashtags youโ€™re choosing are too big. You might be better off with more in the 5K-50k range and a few up to 100K

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these are al like 10k, i used to gain big with these, now i dont

If you want to DM me, Iโ€™d be willing to take a look at your account and help you pick a few hashtags for free

question: is a hashtag banned when you go to it and there are no top posts, but it says โ€œsee a few top posts each weekโ€ an example is #hairyhunk you can see that message. I used it for my dog !

I can that see hashtag posts so the problem is that you used it for your dog and it is irrelevant to your post, also your posts might be reported, the posts are all related to hairy men with not much clothes. So I imagine that somebody from that community didinโ€™t like to see a dog there :slight_smile:

this is great! thanks for sharing!!

How do you check how much count a hashtag has?
Also, do you post the same hashtags in all or most of your posts? (I have heard you shouldnt be using the same hashtag for a week once youve used itโ€ฆ)