Account Compromised now leading to Hard 7 Day Block

Looks like IG means business as users who received the compromised notification are beginning to receive 7 day blocks. Is anyone else seeing this? I’ve begun to clear cookies/reset device id’s after entering the new password just wondering is anyone doing anything else?


Rest your account, check your IP, check your warm up method, check your e-mails, check your business plan, check your followers per day, week and month, check your hashtags, check your content, check your posting times.

You get the idea. Test, test, test, test.

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What do you mean by emails and hashtags?

Check your e-mails to see if there valid and suit your IP. Did you buy multiple e-mails? Or are you even using any at all. The more social proof you provide your accounts the more Instagram “trusts” your account.

I’m sorry, what??

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Check your e-mails that you either buy or create and use the IP based on that. For example, if you buy a E-mail account from the US and your not from there, use a US proxy.

These are all clients account not M/S.

If you get a hard block then reset the device ID, change your IP, clear all cookies and reset your warmup period. Start your account up again two days minimum after the block expires and you should be good. I generally do this after the compromised message as an extra precaution. Don’t wait for the worst to take safety measures.


I started receiving a lot of these now than I’m using HC proxies.
Could they be related?

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I’ve received this , but I don’t know my password and my account details aren’t in use anymore so I can’t get the reset password link . So I’m stuck with the compromised message for like 6 days now . Any advice ?

Same here. This works.

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I’m having a similar issue. Got the “account compromised” notification yesterday, even though I don’t use any automated service for likes or follows. I do a lot of likes, mainly through Telegram pods. I changed my password and updated the app, and now I received a block: cannot like, comment, follow or use hashtags, but I can still send direct messages and post stories and pictures. Any ideas on what could have caused it? Thanks

Do some interval testing, how many followers do you do each day?

I also just got a comprised message and my account was doing less than 100 follows a day throughout the whole day…

Did you guys do story views? Seems there’s some residual negative effects from heavy story viewing previously.

No story views at all. I’m not an influencer and I don’t work with instagram. Mine is a personal profile, but with a large follow. Anyways it got unlocked yesterday night around 9 PM, so total 39 hours of block!

Yes, I also think so.
Many accounts that were in SV get AC often even PV sometimes even with low sv settings.
It’s becoming ridiculous for sure.

Not trying to be that guy but try not to open threads from three months ago

I’m trying to use MSV, but after only few views and I get AC. Again and again. Anyone has the same issue?

Edit: I can’t change password automitacally. Passwords on Social Profiles tab don’t actualize.

Even you follow manually on IG app, you get AC. And what’s annoying is, when you start following with other accounts on the same phone, you get AC automatically. It’s like Instagram is monitoring all accounts in one phone. All accounts are not even botting. wTf

Edit: It’s on twitter too.

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