Accounts Creation untill Warmup : your method!

Hey everyone !

As IG is going more and more strict with limitations, time has come to try to limit at the maximum the footprints behind us. Thus, it has to start since accounts creations and untill the end of the warm-up period !

As I didn’t see any thread comparing the different possibilities, with pro’s and con’s, I thought that if everyone would bring some advices, it would interest the whole community here to have stronger accounts for the warm-up. I will try to forget the less I can.

I will not talk about :

  • Proxy providers, as there are a lot of threads out there, and we all know 3G/4G proxies = less footprints.
  • Buying IG accounts, as it’s not the purpose of this thread.

Let’s dive into the few questions we could wonder :slight_smile:


  1. Would you use a single 3G/4G mobile phone ?
    We all know we cant create multiple IG account on a single phone.
    __My personal experience : I’ve created 13 accounts with my own mobile phone (I know, I’m crazy thumbs up !). I created them all within 3 or 4 days. _
    As I didn’t have any other phone around me, I’ve been trying a method to be able to scale this up, which have been a lot discussed here : [GUIDE] [2019] 🚀 Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT! and untill today many couldn’t make it work : after my successfully rooted my phone, app. cloner and even some manual attempt to hide footprints (as explained here I had the same error many people had : can’t create account for the moment. Apparently, IG tracks much more than a Device ID, the cache data or the IP. _ I thought about trying to use WIFI + different 4G proxies, but I finally didn’t as I understood it would not food Instagram neither. (however, I didn’t try it out).

  2. Would you use a few (or many) 3G/4G mobile phones ?
    My personal experience : I picked up a few phones from friends and could create some more accounts. I thought about either buying 4-5 cheap phones to be able to create 50+ accounts or either use a dark technique that have been discussed here (creating accounts in a mobile phone store, faking to try their functionnalities : (GUIDE) Instagram account creation 💣 The only bulletproof way

  3. Would you use your automation software to create the accounts ?
    We all know what will follow the accounts creation : the automation with the proxies. To be able to leave the less footprints we can, it should probably be better to create the account and bot the account with the same IP. Then, it makes sense : why not trying to create them straight away from there ?
    My personal experience : not much untill now. I’ve just been using this since a few days and exploring the functionalities. After using the Account Creation tool (I’m using Jarvee), and importing the newly created account into the software, what I can say is that I did more follows before getting the PV

The account is created. Now comes the thing : hit the email confirmation button, upload the profile picture, and start editing the bio. Do you usually do it straight away and fast ? Do you use your phone to finish the whole process ? What’s your post frequencies ?
My personal experience that worked pretty good : Throught MOBILE 4G device, I didn’t have any problem to edit the whole account straight away after creating it : profile picture, bio, and I even used to post 18 to 24 different pictures within 20 minutes, with descriptions, by just “screenshots” from other IG accounts that I had for sources. As I only changed a few words in the description, I rarely* had a “blocked comment” notification when I wanted to write on the post : it posted without description. Now, I realized that it was really fast (24 posts with description and fully edited profile), but all the accounts I had worked very well, with only a few or no blocks. I only recently started to create account through Jarvee since a few days, and I didn’t sucessfully yet edit an account profile so i can’t really tell you anything right now (got PV’ed after filling the bio in the “Edit Profile” section, will see how the 2nd acc will turn out).

Don’t hesistate to hit me up if I forgot some crucial informations… See y’all !