Action Blocks on Instagram

Hi Guys,
we are using mostly likes on instagram to grow our accounts,
we use Jarvee and only residential proxies, and our likes settings are way under 60 likes per hour, on most cases it’s around 30 per hour, nevertheless we get a lot of daily action blocked on our accounts.
another thing we’ve noticed that these action blocks are coming in waves, what i mean is that there can be few days with massive action blocks and then few days with only a few, it’s almost instagram is timing these action blocks…
I would really like to hear your insights on this issue, is it just us or all of you are suffering from the same problem? any suggestions?


There are a bunch of reasons with these blocks.

To post an “evergreen”:

Yes, this was related to FOLLOW blocks, but its almost the same.

How much do you pay for your residential proxies? I am just asking because there are people who are offering mobile proxies for 4$. Maybe you can get some and then you can see in a few days if it’s proxy-related or not.

If you want to find more out about this topic (like blocks), please find here a lot of threads about it and maybe some more input for you. But the post of HENRYCOOPER (above) is likely one of the best summaries about this…


You can get this from any action they consider you can do too much of, ex: liking, following, unfollowing, commenting, sending DMs, posting, mentioning other people, etc.

There is no exact number here, like staying below 100 likes per hours and you’ll be fine. It all depends on the algorithm, how they see your account, usage patterns, number of followers, IP/proxy.

It’s super important to make your account look as human as possible. This involved not doing one action all day, but actually using different parts of IG like a normal person would.

If it happens too much, consider:

  • Stop all actions for at least 2-3 days
  • After take it really easy 2-3 days. Post 1-2 times, 1-2 comments and likes and no more. Just to tell them you’re not a bot

Here are some of my notes on things that can cause blocks/bans etc:

  • Doing any one action way too much can generally cause blocks, in extreme occasions and if you continue to get blocks and ignore that they can disable the account as well
  • Excessively frequent publications – yes, that’s a thing. Don’t post 20+ posts per day from day 1, in time you’ll be able to post more and more, however as with everything else, take it easy at first.
  • Copyright infringement – this is a serious issue with all online platforms and IG does take it quite serious. Usually the first few times your posts are reported they will just delete the image and send you an email that they deleted it. However if you keep doing it, block and eventually a disable will follow.
  • Images that don’t follow the community guidelines like sexual, violent and so on are also a huge problem and will get deleted fast and if you keep doing it will get your account disabled
  • User complaints – even if you do something fishy and somehow get away with it for a while, IG relies heavily on other users reporting bad behavior and take action on those reports quite fast.

30 likes per hour is about average for an IG account these days. Are you trying to grow with likes? Your gonna have a hard time with that.


Thanks for answering, I’m not new to growing Instagram accounts, we are growing real instagram profiles for more than 3 years now, and may I add very successfully, but since last December liking become very difficult, and since these are real clients accounts, including major brands, they are not into follow/unfollow or any other way that you can use on other accounts, so liking is the way we grow them.
Apparently instagram has other plans for us :slight_smile:


Not all proxies are made equal. The word “residential” does not stand for a quality standard itself.

Are you using like after follow?


Yeah I would hire someone from this forum to help you. There are MUCH better methods out there. Calling @Babs @dma0245 and I see @HenryCooper replying so you might want to check with them, especially as a brand.

They are using only likes.

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Ops. Overread that one :sweat_smile:

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On these profiles we don’t use follow at all, only liking at 30/h with night sleep and random delays…

Try to remove all like filters and start liking generic hashtag posts that are related to each other. The amount of API calls and possibly your API call VS actually like endpoint request ratio might be an issue.


#kitty, #cat, #cute OR #car, #audi, #bmw etc. I hope you see and understand the pattern.


we use smartproxy - residential proxies, from what we tested, they have decent proxies.

Smartproxy uses a rotating feature that might put you on the same IP that someone had for spamming or account creation seconds ago. Correct me if I am wrong please.

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I still have “legacy” clients that insist on growing with this method because they are too cheap for other methods. I can tell you, they give me the worst time.

It’s difficult to really grow with only 600- 900 likes per day. I spent a lot of money trying to find proxies that wouldn’t burn out or even allow that many.

You need a pro that knows how to Master/Slave. Your clients will appreciate it much more.

I have worked with brands in the past, and making sure that their account didn’t accidentally like a shirtless guy (unless that was their niche) is difficult. Especially for alcohol brands.


I tried them, they are also stupid expensive.


I guess it’s possible…we use sticky sessions but you are right, someone else can use these proxies and “burn” them for me.

what kind of proxies you use for liking?

@HenryCooper 's mobile and @Digital7Boy residential. While I can recommend them as a proxy provider, You really should think about a consultation with @HenryCooper (I actually don’t know if he offers consulting for this TBH) or @Babs. I would say that in the next 6 -9 months you are going to have an even harder time and be that much further behind the curve.

To add to it, you are unknowingly reducing the reach of your clients accounts. Just my 2 cents.


we hardly use hashtags at all as sources, we target followers of competitors, or same interest pages, hashtags don’t work for us as well as that.

The recommendation was not intended to increase your growth, it was intended to help you finding out where your issue actually is buried.


I appreciate what your saying, but please explain the “reducing the reach of your clients”, what do you mean by that?