After unban "help us confirm you own this account"

A couple of days ago we got unlocked one account which was banned else 1 year ago. But after unlocking it we got the message “help us confirm you own this account” how to unstuck the account from this bug?

No email or phone options to receive a code? then i think you’re fckd

As already stated, if you do not have phone/email then the account is basically still banned. i guess this is the situation you’re in?

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I receive code to e-mail and phone, but still, always return to this message. and email and phone is OG

any ideas? urgently!

Are you saying after you entered the verification code, you got redirected to the help us confirm you own this account page? if so, try verifying the account on another device. If that doesn’t work, you can try contacting FB live support . You will need a FB account that runs an FB ad to contact them via live chat:

you can check these treads for fixes and workarounds: