[AMA] Ask Me Anything About Facebook Ads

With the removal of certain data points (ie. income levels, business owners, etc.), how do you go about targeting really narrowed down audiences?

do you now have to rely on pixel data alone? what is the cost to build such a pixel (for getting look alike audiences)? and how quickly are you able to create it?

Great info here @alukus! @RaphaelReborn These posts might be useful for you as well:

"How do I sell products on Facebook successfully?" Answered

I had not realized till now how different niches can benefit from different approaches like this. Thanks for sharing your experience on this topic and these niches. Some of these, I would not have though there is much bread there for online ads, but I guess I was wrong :-p

When you say fully compliant, you mean according to this (Facebooks Ad policy) or is there anything else we need to be aware about that you can link for us?

These policy’s are always a minefield of possible interpretations and uneven enforcement, glad to hear you manage to get your account back every time. I wonder what the odds are for someone with a much smaller spend who is unjustifiably deactivated.

I’ve been denied from Braintree for having Lead Generation as a service on my website (I do some B2B targeting on IG). Reading deeper into the laws governing automated collection of data online, I now realize that in many cases Lead Generation is done via what is basically illegal scraping. So that’s why it is in the ‘dodgy’ category. Not saying that is what you are doing at all (although I think all botters may be on the wrong side of this one lol) just that I wonder if you get any grief for being a Lead Generation Company with a higher profile.

Last question, do you find Facebook the best place to find customers for Facebook Ads Management, is that where most of your clients come from, or is it more of a mixed bag from various sources?


Hey @alukus how would you go about generating qualified leads for child care / day care businesses?

Hey there @alukus

So here’s a question from the world of music business…

How would you use FB ads to drive traffic to a band’s Spotify/Apple Music page - with a final objective to increase plays / follow the band’s discography playlist?
The issue here is that there’s no pixel that can be used to track FB leads when they get on Spotify / Apple Music platforms (hence, no ROI for FB ads as it’s impossible to distinguish from where streaming / follow activity is generated)…

I wonder if ads for the relevant playlists would make any sense at all in such a situation?

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Hey @alukus,

Just got my first sale on woocommerce and I was wondering if you have some kind of small checklist to predict if something is a fraud order.

Can you help me out with a setup to create and warm up FB ad accounts , to run NUTRA and crypto offers with a cloaker , i can’t seem to figure out the accounts part of the puzzle

Since I have quite some clients from music business I thought I might step in here.

So there is two ways to go about it that work quite well:

  1. Use Instagram Story Ads with a 15 - 60 Second Video of the Music Video in Phone Screen Format. You can take the normal Music Video and crop it with an App called Unfold. Then u link directly to the song on Spotify. I usually do the Ad in 3 Steps:

First Ad target a audience by choosing similiar artist

Second Ad target people that already interacted with your Account

Third Ad target a Lookalike Audience that u make with the Data of the previous two Ads

I would only do the Ad on Instagram Stories not on the wall. The Ad should be optimized for Link Clicks and target Users that are logged into their Wifi only. You should get the best Cost per Click with the third Ad however you need to do the two other Ads to get that Data.

The second Option is to use Youtube Preroll Ads - they are way cheaper and increase the Views on your Youtube Video - however they dont convert that well to Spotify. I wrote a detailed thread on how to do them here:

Im also interested in the opinion of @alukus if he would do anything different?


Do you have any tips for advertising for events? The events are by free booking, by booking online through the link. They are tours that occur with events in different cities throughout Australia, and every 3-6 months a new tour occurs. They are mediation/spiritual events to give some context, and the same audiences can be interested each time.

Hey @SEOVzla sorry for the delay in responding!

  • We typically don’t kill an ad unless it has spent around £50, but this can be done with smaller budgets but we believe it is better to have a larger pool of data to make decisions on.

  • We display ads on Facebook and Instagram and 90% of the time on display the ads on mobile and within Instagram and Facebook news feeds. Instagram tends to be better for more visual products.

  • There isn’t a way to spy on people audiences, but taking a look at the ads your competitors are running might be able to give you an indication of who they’re targeting based on the messaging they use.

Hi @korprit this was quite annoying when these data points got removed, but now we just have to put a bit more thought into how we target people. For example if we were targeting someone with a high Income we would target people with senior job titles, interested in luxury items, frequent travelers. Typically anything that represents that person.

We use pixels on all our websites, we don’t solely rely on just Pixel data but we typically build a funnel consisting of Awareness, Prospecting and Remarketing.

Hey @delagarde, yes compliant with their ads policy, I agree things can be interpreted in many different ways but as long as you can justify what you do we have never had an issue. I do definitely think spend also has an impact although the ad account we use currently for IG services only has about £15k total spend.

We don’t scrape any data we collect it using our own assets such as Facebook page Lead Forms, landing pages etc so it is all ‘Opted In’ so to speak. We’ve been contacted by Advertising Standards for misrepresenting or exaggerating particular claims, but have simply just had to adjust wording or add in clarifications.

For our Lead Generation Agency we don’t do any paid ads etc. We only accept 3/4 clients within each niche we operate in at any one time to avoid saturating the market. We have 1 sales staff who reaches out to companies we want to work with on LinkedIn and then goes from there (I’m thinking of offering LinkedIn Lead Generation campaigns as a service on here, but not sure :thinking:)

We generate leads currently for a group of Nurserys in the UK. Targeting people within a 5/10 miles radius of the Business address(s) and target people who have young children. If you need exact age ranges as your client. They know their customers better than anyone. You just sometimes have to get them to think about it! The amount of times we have asked a client who their targeting audience is and they’ve replied ‘Everyone’ is shocking, but they just need a bit of direction to help refine it down.

To be honest what @Itachi said sounds good.

Hi @grown Your payment processor (Stripe/PayPal etc) should detect this for you.

Hey @igshopify10 I don’t endorse cloaking or crypto so won’t be willing to help sorry.

Hi @mdr07 If you have a database of existing customers or people that have been to the events previously then build a lookalike audience on that. Regarding a hook do you have anything you can offer to incentivise people to register quickly? If not then use good old ‘Spaces are running out’, ‘Last few remaining’ they’re still unbelievably effective if used correctly.


Another question, if you start promoting a product, do you immediately start directly promoting the product or do you start with focussing on traffic first to generate more data so you can create custom audiences? Read it somewhere and it makes sense to me, but I also have the feeling that it would cost a lot of money.


Hi @Itachi

Thanks a lot for your answer! I will definitely try this 3-step IG ads method - sounds like a better / more intelligent setup of running these ads.

I’m not so much keen on YT ads though… My YT experience has been similar to what you mentioned - the traffic there didn’t convert well to outside streaming services (which makes sense since YT de fact IS a streaming service).

Still, the key problem however is ROI. I’ve been wrecking my brain over the question of undefined ROI of all this advertising. Did you ever come across a technical solution how is it possible to track ROI of IG/FB ads vs. Spotify metrics (i.e. measure them vs. increase of plays or # of "follow"s)?

Thanks, @alukus! Do you have any ideas how to solve the question of undefined ROI of ads in the situation above?

Hi OP,

Have any thoughts/advice on generating dental practice leads for a billing service?
Currently running a remarketing campaign to a list we gathered from a trade-show but also looking to generate dental practice leads for those that “Want to see if their practice could be making more”.

I feel FB’s targeting does not necessarily allow to target exactly the right people I’m trying to get in front of as I previously ran a messenger campaign and the results I got were completely unrelated.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, thanks.

I always go with the Link Clicks Option of FB, since you can´t install a Facebook Pixel at your Spotify Artist Page I don´t know a better way. To be honest I think its better to try growing a big account without advertising and only after that release a single anyways.


Hi @alukus ,

I’m in Australia and I realized that creating a target audience using Fb Interests, demographics and behaviours are limited compared to an ad account I created via my servers in the US. For example, I don’t have the option to target “Aniversary” when creating an audience with my account on a laptop in Australia.

Now I am wondering in which country you have the most options or less limitations to choose from?

Thanks mate

Got it, all clear and thanks for the info!

That’s really interesting. Iv’e heard that such a ‘Advertising Standards’ board exists in the UK, but never knew how they operate and to what extent they are really out there checking ads and following up. Looks like you got out of that without all too much hassle, smooth.

This is enlightening. I see I was way off in my presumptions. You are going with a few high end clients with a very targeted personal approach to finding and closing them. Now that I think about it, that makes sense.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer all our questions, really got a lot out of this :raising_hand_man:


Could you please suggest me a good online Facebook ADS course? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks in advance for answering.
I am running facebook ads to sell event ticket sells, retargeting works ok but need to have more reach for engagement, then retargeting.

I have created an engagement focused campaign with adsets targeting interest or a lookalike audience per ad set.

I have created retargeting ads which includes FB/IG engagement, engagement on website, and a email list of previously buyers, who have not purchased tickets this year.

How do I increase my reach which can help interest engagement to a niche audience?

Also, with the new setting on FB ads where ad spent in campaign rather than per adset, do you have any advice.

Thank you

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Hi. I have several clients for those services
Air duct cleaning. Carpet cleaning. Solar panels
And some in the beauty niche (tanning salon. Nails salon. Spa) I would like to know which type of ads will work the best for those services (fb/ig).
Thank you

Hello man, if there is any advise on an ad on elctronic items or accessories for gamers? We found that the cost will raise with the ad keep running. Thanks