Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


on 2k accounts only 5 phone validations - and that were the having scraping accounts


Only your scraping accounts got hit?


yes 13 chars.


do you have a lot of filters running on your scraping accounts?


so turning off SV completely might help, using scrapers, and or whoever does scraping and EB via same account (lazy people like me) to reduce filters to absolute minimum, potentially limiting actions per hour


yes but out of 600 scrapers where only 4-5 affected so don’t really care.


does it matter? what do you think? anyone else?


What’s SV means?


story viewer tool


yes i use only eb,and it hit me, also scraper acc and use IPV4,i think maybe it new API,now i rest for at least 24hr,and re-login


Just got off a 4 day ban on my own account, scared to turn on J again… has anyone had luck with shutting off all tools other than Unfollow?


mine. new tech. will be available to public in few months.


just to be sure - the ones with PVs did you use API or EB? Cause in the only server were im still using EB with no scraper had some PVs on client accounts


@Anybody that had scrapers hit, were they running continuously (ignore wait between operations)?


I had only scrapers hit. Wasn’t using that option, but have the wait time at like 1 min


Might need respect some wait times with scrapers.


I also experienced my scrapers hit only.


I am resting my scrapers for a bit. But I guess you are totally right. Raising wait time and starting slowly up again. This seems like restriction in api calls imo.


Yeah it definetly seems like it. WOndering what the new limits are. It sucks tho cuz it means we’ll need more scrapers now…


I’m going to test scraping fast for an hour, take an hour or two off, repeat.

Or somehow cap 180-200 users scraped daily, then stop.