Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


Imagine he’s trolling us to ruin our peaceful evening :joy: GOTTEM!

On topic, sorry to see buddy


Damn no one else seeing this wave? WTF!


@birdman99 I get the same things, and after they done PV they get AC and forced to change passwords


Yeah I know all too well. Have you started any accounts back up since the first wave?


@birdman99 tried resume a few just for test, some get hit immediately again with the same thing, and a few run a bit then get hit.

All my leftover account that’s still didnt get hit and working all green start to get hit in an order one by one. Some get hit at the same time.


Just got hit with AC’s 5 minutes ago, seems like something happens in the same window of time for everybody.


PV first before AC?


Day 1 it was 330PM EST, Day 2 it was 4PM EST and today it was 430PM EST. All right in the same window. Just SAVAGE.

PV first which turns into AC


Same here.
PVs followed by ACs all over the place :flushed:


Are you using scraper accounts feeding to your mains? Or having your mains do the scraping as well?


Got hit with this wave yesterday, got a couple more today. Haven’t resumed actions on the accounts who got AC, going to wait a little over a day.


@cudi @socialgain @ian @pmonabsol @Race44

Couple of questions as we are trying to figure out what is causing all of this.

1 - are you using a scraper to send to the main or having the main do the scraping?
2 - we are just running F/UF and DMs. Nothing else. What tools are running?
3 - do you have a ton of filters in place that would cause an excessive number of API calls?

We have quite a few filters in place and we are running off of a custom female name list that is pretty small as well:


I’m using the same account for API scraping and all actions on EB.
I’m doing Likes and F/UF (200 likes and 150 F/UF per day).
I had similar filters to yours on the first day of PV wave (2-3 days ago).
After first wave I unchecked blacklisted words.
Got less PV’s on the second wave.
After 2nd day of PV wave I took filters down to just profile photo and not following this account, but I only have a few accounts running on these filters but they didn’t get PV wave today.

ALSO: I disabled auto-sync over two months ago.


Same here. Some accts are getting continual repeated PVs, even when they’re just resting after the previous PV and yet to restart automation!


im using stackpost via api and facing dm blocks, no pv or acs just straight up dm ban which hasnt cleared after 24 hrs


Hows the EB only working out for you? @roy


Great info thanks - I will test it now and see if they survive tomorrow.


I’ve stripped filters down to almost nothing (user has to have a profile photo / don’t follow private users) and turned on a bunch of my personal testing accounts. Will update how it goes. My other accounts that have been running continously for past few days with minimal filters are also fine, no AC/PV today.


Even though I re-login these days, the action block has been maintained for several days.

Does anyone know how to fix it?


You guys must be doing something wrong, zero blocks here, it’s not the J, it’s on your side.