Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


Guys, I got a few AC, just from rest account after got first AC.

after first AC, I get the new password from clients and leave them logon,
the next morning some of them get new AC, with just resting???


I just changed the wit-time between operations to 3-4 minutes instead of 1, let’s see


Did they get it when a sync occurred? I noticed the same on an account I had. It wasn’t doing any automation for a long time. But on auto sync it got compromised message.


I noticed the pattern months ago when syncing at midnight, my AC’s would happen right after midnight or when the accounts that went to sleep before midnight started up again in the morning. Turned off sync back then and cut down on AC’s since.

I’m convinced sync is an API call specific to MP (what other public bots offer FBR?) and is a trigger.


Use other accounts to sync, I think syncing is quite important…


I got several ACs on accounts which were resting. They did 0 actions, except the auto sync. Either there is a multiple daily/weekly/monthly scraping limit or the auto sync triggered it.


many many many people as of right now are confirming Syncing might be causing some issues, curious to hear Devs opinions on this


Only had couple of PVs and ACs on my scrapers which were running 24/7. All master accounts have their own scrapers so API calls are reduced to a minimum for those.


how do you turn off the auto sync?


advanced profile


thank you my man


if so just add 2 scraping accounts each server tag them and use this option - so it is very easy to see if it comes from the sync. If PVs and ACs now only on these - you now only have 2 accounts to monitor :wink: if still on all you know its not the issue



well we literally only have users of the forum talking about this issue so guess we wont figure it out that quickly


I add 10% PV but how cares ? it is all clients that approved their account, not related to me.
Anyway if you used API before, it is probebly it. I use only EB and scrappers accounts (how have sims anyway)


I have some accounts hit in the last 24 hours all scraping themselves (almost none filters) all DC proxies. Strange thing is all accounts hit are very old clients, maybe it is because in the past I used api instead of eb.

Could it be possible the accounts hit did api In the past?


I think the problem is that they are scrapping by themselves, something changed with Scrape/API limits, imo.


jarvee support is really bad. :frowning:


I disagree, they have the best customer support I’ve experienced in a long time. Maybe it’s the questions or the lack of skill or understanding the basics? I can’t imagine the tonnes of stupid questions the have to deal with these days.
(Based on your activity)


It’s about that time - anyone seen anything yet? We significantly lowered the filters on our test accounts and scrapers to see what happens today. :popcorn::popcorn:


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