Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


Or perhaps just dynamic limits? Not two days are the same? If so we should find lower and upper limits


I’m afraid atm I have to agree with you on this. JV Support essentially told me that I was imagining the DM blocks and there was no problem with the contact tool right now. They just told me not to “believe everything you read online”!!
Every one of my 300 accts got blocked on the same day and multiple other people report the same. In fact I don’t know anyone who can DM New contacts right now. Yet Support say it’s all working fine!
Not great at all :weary:


We’re in the window, anybody seeing PV/AC’s?

Instagram staff reading this and laughing at us?


I had 1 out of 27 accounts that are on get hit.
also noticed today a lot of my accounts that havent been running randomly started working again today.

background on the account that had the PV.
its on a mobile proxy, it cant be a 30 day api call limit because this account has been a problem account for me. it ran today and then ran 2 days over a week ago. those are the only 3 days its ran in the last 24 days.
todays stats: 88 photos likes, 120 follows, 131 unfollows.
looks like actions started around 11:53pm lastnight and the PV came in at 4:26pm

so whatever is triggering them has to be how its currently scraping. maybe too many api calls in a day or hour?


Has anyone gotten PVs on a clients account that’s doing API only? Not scrapers but actual client accounts that are being fed from a scrapper.


same… support told me to change proxy 4g again. its the 10times i change the proxy. and still get block. no 1 can run.even only reply story view


The first wave block doesn’t hit my accounts, because I’ve my own proxy setup, but this one is little bit harder one…they are targeting my old accounts, they are tracing how many total users I’ve followed and how many of I’ve unfollow them. This kind of fingerprint is easy to setup, but they might did not use it on their algorithm in past, but now look’s like they did it in hard way. But still new accounts(which have not follow many users in past) runs fine.


If what you are Mentioning is real

Then this will even make you hit the wall using manual f/uf method in their app.


Not here - no Pvs on api + acraper


I have clients that got IG message saying they are using help from a software to grow followers and likes, and that they will erase these followers and likes from their account. After that, nothing happened, neither got any block…are you getting same kind of message?


Are u using api full simulation?


No, EB only, not trying API unless there is better feedback


my older business account is experiencing issues too. The ones I made recently is working fine 200+ follows a day via EB no scrapper. (No AC/PV)


How did they get this message email?


They got it in IG aplication, they say "you may have shared your name and password, they say they are working to kill these kind of aplications and her previous activity, and they invite to change password to avoid losing the account. But this account is still working perfectly, she did not even change the password. First client got it in november 2nd, second client in November 7th.


How long have you been running them on api only?


That is the typical AC message they have received. That is seen many times, and yes as you say nothing really happens, but it is a warning and no one can guarantee what these warnings will do to an account in the future?

Anything from bluff or hard blocks to account banns.


i was testing my accounts which got ac’s and pv’s 2 days back and these are my business and personal accounts old accounts. I am getting pv again for these accounts. Anybody else getting pv’s again after the ac wave 2 days back?

also i am not getting pv code on my personal number where i have always got code for my business and personal profiles. dont know what’s wrong with that.


got some accounts phone verification now. but i never recieved the text from facebook/ig. any solutions? stuck in “confirmation sent” page now


EB or API? what is your setup