Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


All for me started two days ago when all my accounts (about 40) get limit of Api Calls.

Yesterday i’ve been testing and the limit arrived after viewing 23.000 stories,
and today instead, I got the AC notification straight after I log the account inside for watch stories. That’s incredible. Also support is not answering anymore


Sounds like we are in the same boat my friend


Using EB.
the block became more and more after the update.
Is it just me?

#65 too. getting block all time. like + follow + unfollow + comment all block. and get Compromised and Email Confirmation Loop using jarvee


I recently signed up a previous customer, and for the first time ever was asked to PV instead of EV during the initial login. All worked out, but it has never happened before.

To fix the blank screen, check and uncheck enable manual browsing at the top of the EB window.


It happened to me also with new client, PV, and she is getting 508s doing manul follow as a warm up…maximum 5, and zas, 508


more clients reporting ACs, what in the fuck is happening


Just had 15 new emails - all ACs

What in the fuck


Just got hit with 4 PV’s


More than 50% of accounts got EV/AC/PV (scrapers, slaves and clients). Also an account which had never any checkpoint verification got it, this account was only scraping nothing else.

Is somebody of you using the option “use ONLY the embedded browser” + using scrapers + no API at all? If yes, have accounts with this option checked also received PV/AC?

We have to keep in mind that scraping is always API, so using this option with scrapers could be the only solution in the future. There weren’t big issues with accounts which are just scraping, maybe it has changed now. Scraping is sweating the fuck out of the server of Instagram, so very reasonable why they want to limit it.

So having the risk on seperated accounts instead of clients is the only way is see to solve this.


Yes our scrapers/slaves and clients have all been hit. We are not using the USE ONLY THE EB option.


I already switched all tools to EB, now I will eliminate API completely. Scraping seperated for all accounts. Disabling Auto Sync as well.


I don’t see any issues using sync as long as you use separate accounts for it.

The only thing killing me is that I need to monitor my freaking Scraper accounts now. Those were set up and never touched again in the past.


6 PVs on clients today.
Must be a new limit to API calls.

One client only for likes and comments.
And one client got AC the second he finished PV :joy: right in his face. Well done Instagram.


Anybody using “USE ONLY EB (do not use API)” got hit too?


im using Eb and api. and also my scrapper acc get email verification anf compromised too. and got action blocked


Experiencing AC on scraper accounts. IG updated yesterday. Maybe a new API limit is realeased?


I’ve set up some EB accounts right when the problems with DMs started and mine are running stable. Only some issues with scrapers feeding them but those were gone after a restart… No PV/AC. I love German IPs. :grinning:


I believe this guy is doing no API calls on main.


Yeah all of ours go from PV to an AC the moment the client completes the PV.