Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


So no API calls on the main at all?

I love them as well, using them for all accounts, but this doesn’t seem like is the issue. I believe it’s about making too many API calls on main, or making them on main in general.


I even got that crap on a Scraper.


There action blocks are scaring me… I can’t afford my account getting banned. I do everything manually, sending about 60 DMs a day. I’m new to this so forgive me, but how long do these action blocks last for? I’ve heard of 3 days but thats it


The fact that both our scrapers and clients got hit makes me think its API related too.


No API calls on those test accounts, only EB allowed.

I am only testing EB because of the DM issues. Before that I was using API only and just got some sporadic like blocks or follow blocks.

I scrape followers and stories to reduce API calls to a minimum. Testing if disabling likes after/before follow does a difference as well as those seem to generate some additiontal calls that could trigger a block or so.


Why doesn’t IG just end our misery and shut us all down. We all know they could do it in a heartbeat. I guess they just love to watch us die a little everyday. :persevere::persevere:


I seriously doubt they would want to shut half their users down. The only thing they would crush is their company value.


So this accounts didn’t got any PV/AC in the last 24-72 hours?

How many of this accounts do you have with this setup and how many actions are they doing?


Serious, just Fcking end it IG. What’s the point of all this?


Jus happening in acccounts doing story views on my side


50 accounts with roughly ~100-200 follows per day. Just warming them up. No PV/AC/EC/whatever.


turned off all clients on automation for the time being. They are changing shit at a whole new pace right now, correct me if Im wrong with all the OGs saying that im just being a crybaby but I am pretty confident this shit wasnt happening 2 years ago at such devastating pace

ok ok ok, 2 chill pills in my system, lets figure this out boys and girls


Yeah, time is changing. Let’s try to control our emotions and focus on solutions.


as of right now I dont see any correlation, at first i thought its because of API calls (too many of them) but EB only users are reporting issues too at the same level


You mean with the option “use only the EB - No API”?


Same here, who would thought that scraping is not allowed now, by the way are you scraping hashtags or followers of other accounts ? because mine get AC while scraping hashtags to find usernames.


anyone doing manual having issues?


Mostly working on jv, but i have some manual projects and they still work fine, the way to follow manually without blocks is to do 30-40-50 follow non stop 3 or 4 times a day.


I’ve yet to see someone comfirm that they didnt get an AC or PV with doing ONLY EB, NO API for 72hrs at least. It’s been reported to happen longer than 24hrs


I don’t want to deal with scraper accounts so I hope that theory isn’t true.