Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


I have tested the blocked account on a mobile user agent with my own 4G Mobile Network (Telekom Germany) and they were also blocked. So it’s a Hardblock on my side.


Some of my accounts are running perfectly fine without scrapers, so it’s definitely not a scrapers/not scrapers issue :slight_smile:


Same here, I don’t do scrapers and 90% are not hit (yet). I was doing 200 likes and 150 F/UF with minimal filters (user has followers/followings in a range, user has profile photo), but I think I’m going to lower actions to 100 Likes and 100 F/UF.


1 day/3 day/7 day

Even with Action Blocks/AC its uncommon to get the account disabled as long as its not spam


Could be the API call amount as suggested earlier, Scraper accounts that ran smooth for a long time no issues that only do scraping were just hit with PVA, dang boi!


How many accounts are you talking about? Not all my accounts received an AC either, so that is a statement without any fundament. On the other side we can’t say it’s definitely about the API calls.

Would be pretty “funny” if every account would receive an AC which is not using a scraper…


Have scrapers ever been hit? Like ever ever?


Over 80 PV on scraper accounts and around 10 AC in the last 48 hours. 400+ Scrapers still running fine tho…
No issues with client accounts in the last 48 hours.

First time seeing PV on account only used for scraping…


400 scrapers :dizzy_face: you scraping all of IG back and forth? @Wataaa

On topic, cant see an correlation yet. Some scrapers hit, some not. Some api some not, some fresh some not


Without any fundament ? I’m talking about 20 accounts running that had reach daily limit for the last 2 months with 4000 to 6000 follows the last 30 days :slight_smile:

They started to get more blocks since 1 week tho, but started to go ham again (probably because they followed too much the 30 last days).

So yeah, i’m just saying :wink:


Or just new action limits? Same situation as @denis1

Or still just bi/tri monthly wave. Its been ages


In my case only PVs are scraper accts, as well as ACs.

I do get on client accounts the VERIFICATION REQUIRED, I just click on VERIFY and it goes back to valid. Problem is actions stop until I notice it, click and make it go valid again.
@DanielAdmin is there a way to setup this so we can automatically click verify, instead of manually (same way we can handle ACs manually)??


I don’t scrape hashtags bro. Mainly followers :slightly_smiling_face:


No, I face the same issue with priceless 4g proxy :confounded:


I think the wave is done for the day. Lets see if it happens again tomorrow. The past two days the wave happened around the same time for me.


Yeah its done here too from what we can see. Turned our VALID clients back on and fingers crossed for tomorrow. Has anyone started up actions yet on the ones that got hit with AC yesterday? Just praying these don’t go into an insta 7 day.


I’ve been reading a lot got AC/PV and whats EV? I kept checking our servers if it gets hit… I only see some users gets PV but still asking them if they havnt linked/added any phone number since all of my own accounts roughly 10+ didnt get any PV and it all have it’s own numbers linked so i’m thinking maybe those got PV are accounts who havnt linked any of their mobile phones.

In terms of AC, i still havnt received any AC as of now. Soft blocks yet, AC and Hard blocks none as of the moment. Just worries me of and have me kept checking our system of all the comments i read in this thread of whats currently happeneing :open_mouth:


@oneoneseven naah, using all scrapers for my clients accounts. The scrapers are not even doing many API calls, and each account was manually created (6months+). Haven’t received any PV on any of these accounts until now. Makes no sense…

btw: just received AC after 3 minutes of verifying new client on MP… :no_mouth: nothing makes sense anymore


Out of 200 manual clients - 3 compromised and few “device/location” AB, nothing serious.

But we think there are new limits going on monthly basis.


personally decided to rest for at least 48 hours and turned off J completely