Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


I have turned off all the client’s accounts yest. got some PV’s and AC’s but then all re valid since yest and i have been resting them. lots of pv’s on my niche accounts and fan pages.
I’ll be resting for 1 more day for clients and will test from my own accounts now.
Some accounts are untouched by the wave and are doing fine.


None of my client accoutns are affected.
I am scraping via EB 80%. just 1 PV.
I do not use any proxy for scrape accounts, 6 accounts from my IP address, I was working for 2 months like this with no problem. What I did is to stop them and used them when main account needed it, not working constantlly, they are feeding from 1 to 4 client accounts.
working one accout manual, no problem neither.
I stopped all tolls just in case for today.


This wave is not like the past wave! After waited for 2-3 days and reactivating the accounts, they get hit again within 48 hours of running. Before once an account get ac it will have get out of jail card for at lest a month before it happen again.


after Id suggest a longer rest-time, i got for a week then start super slowly


Right I might need to rest longer. But this time newly on board accounts are getting hit with ac after only few days running too. I think now the account trust scores carries a lot more weights then ever before!


manual seems to be the only viable reliable solution


I have confirmed with others that manual services were not affected at all.


Most of my scrapers didnt get hit either. What does that say?


I’ve tested a few accounts and removing the phone number after verification triggered PV again. Have you experienced this with accounts w/ phone already linked?


And some other bots that mimic the same.


Could be Jv new update if manual remains reliable


has anybody logged into the account thats experiencing issues manually to test sending a direct message, ive been struggling the last 5 days with this issue and it shows instagram has flagged over 100 of my accounts as when i try to manually send a direct message i get the error ‘something went wrong. please try again’, i run all actions via api sending 1 dm per hour.


running couple hundred accounts manually… no issues at all :smiley:


If you are not scrapping a lot i think its okey, i have problems on scrapper accounts which scrape a lot for Mass View :thinking:


What do you consider a lot?


Its not the same scrape 200 accounts for Follow (i dont have problems on these ones) than 40K accounts for watch Stories, i cant tell you whats a lot because i dont know it :sweat_smile:


how can you manage so many? 5 accounts per device


what bot do you talk about?


You’re not experiencing timeouts due to scraping too much?


Your company runs 24h a day? Or your employees manage that with 8h shifts? Just wondering and congratulations!!!