Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


employees with shifts and phones


Nope, only these new PV/ACs. Scrape a lot is normal for View Stories and it was working flawless.


We are doing crazy high filtering and we got hit pretty hard so I think this theory has some truth to it.


I’ve reduce my filters to nearly nothing. We’ll see.

Manual operations all use scrapers, so of course they didn’t get hit.


So everything that was using scrapers didnt get hit at all? Meaning you do all EB or at least next to non api calls on mains? @Race44

I wish i could say the same. Most scrapers didnt get hit


Oh I got hit, about 10%. I don’t use scrapers and do everything EB. I had my filters pretty minimal before, but made them even less now.

We’re coming up on the window of the day when all my blocks happened in the past two days, the next 3 hours or so.


Yeah almost time for a shot of whisky to get ready for the next attack :rofl::rofl:


lube up the b-hole


Anyone restored their accounts, started back up, and seen any issues yet?


Not yet - starting some here in a few hours but a client who cancelled yesterday started doing actions today on her own and was hit with a 7 day hard block.


Anybody get hit in the past few hours? That was the window for PV/AC in the last 2-3 days.

None of the accounts I left on got hit today, but it’s a small sample size.

Was this a 2-3 day wave?


Ours just started in the past 15 mins. Had 12 emails already from clients who got hit.


I get a new PV wave. Then some accounts were disabled.


Damn! Within 15min?!


Same ones or others?


All new clients - the ones in the first wave are still off.


Wow - all of our scrapers are hit too. This is insane.

Lets hold out and see what happens when these clients start to get turned back on. If they go to 7 day hard blocks she’s over boys.


This is one server of 8. Just went to PV.



Sorry Birdman. Cold sweats. I’m here for you buddy.


holy macaroni, smoking a big one for you Birdman…