Instagram Help us confirm you own this account

Hey guys so I have finally figured out why we all are stuck in this endless loop of instagram called help us confirm you own this account .
So the thing to note is that if this message appears on our screen it means our account has been hacked or compromised at some point of time . I came to this conclusion when I made a new account through my email id and then I clicked on this link i was directed to the same screen but instead now it had my email id too and gave me a option to send myself a 6 digit verification code on my mail

and voila i coul acess my new account . So then I checked my old mails so I could find the same mail for my old account too and there it was 6 days before my account got locked and I never noticed it cause I never requested for it . That means someone else tried using it and since the hacker couldn’t provide the verification code instagram locked out accounts totally thinking that its hacked . That’s why it doesn’t let us in no matter how we try .


As far as I know, at the moment we don’t have any solution to solve this error call “Get help sign in” button.
I have contacted them from a form but always received automation replying!
Do you guys have any solution for this?

Nope instagram won’t let us in as they think already that our account have been compromised .
The only way is to find some way to use that broken link and get instagram to send that verification mail

I can’t create a new account with an already registered email address. Also can you please enter the steps that you applied so that I can test in my account as well?

Appreciate it…

Yeah sure!!!
So basically instagram allows u to make more than one account from a single email id. All u have to do is sign up with the email id . IG will remind u that u already have an account with thag email id and ask if still u want to continue with it click make a new account .
As soon as u have made the new id just click on thjs link it will direct to the same help us confirm you own this account page but this it would give u a way to verify that through you email for your new account

I don’t see any option from IG that allows me to continue using the same email address for a new IG account. They just show me an error message saying “another account is using xxx” when I triy on PC, and “please enter a valid email” when i try to create a new account on my phone.

Yeah the same issue for me.

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Sorry bruh i can’t know about this maybe u must have already made more than 3 accounts with that email id

Hi! Can you pls help me with this??

I was logged out 4 days ago where the screen came up” help us confirm this account” and they are showing me my old email that i dont have acces to. The weird thing is that i changed my email adress to my account a week ago to a new one. So all the insta info is conected to my new email… they are still seding news and stuff to my new email because its conected to my account! How do i solve this i have acces to my phone number thats conected to my account too? So i dont understand why they showing me my old mail?? Anyone that can help??

I have the same problem. Was the problem solved?

keep connecting them again and again.

Did they respond to you? After all of the attempts ?

I got back my account after 8 months finally . Uguys go and try …

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