Anyone know how to get in contact with IG

I had an account that got deleted, so I made a new one and couldn’t take the same username. Now I am having issues with the new name and need to contact Instagram saying that the account name I want is free but it won’t let me have it.

need to wait 14days for the name to free up. You wont contact instagram unless its via a lawyer

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It’s been like a year since it got deleted

I think you should try to recover the account that got disabled. Once the account gets reactivated, you can change the username of the account, and the account you’re using now can take the previous username. Do you know why it got disabled?

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was a long time ago, I used ninja gram on it to grow I think and didn’t know how to use it. was 1-2 years ago. it’s not listed when I search

Not listed where? :thinking:

The username I want to take back

disabled accounts usernames are held back and can’t be used to register again. Since disabling the account doesn’t delete it and in theory it can be restored - Instagram doesn’t allow to register under the same username. So your best bet is to keep submitting the unban requests in this case to recover it before you can use that specific username

I can’t remember the email address I used to sign up unfortunately. Do I need that?

As far as I remember no, in fact each time you submit an unban request you need to use a new email IIRC, hit up @HenryCooper and his unban services for more info about how to unban accounts. I think all you need is a username and nothing else, but I might be wrong, haven’t done it for year+ lol


Oh true. Thanks!

You can also just unban it for free, we have a guide on the forum about it:

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can’t read it unfortunately

Can you post real link?This one doesn’t work

It’s a 2nd level link - it’s real :smiley:
You should be able to read it now @heroeslair and @STEX

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Thanks! Did you upgrade us or just lower the grade for the post?

The latter. To be able to view the 2nd level you will have to reach the next User Level

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Think I should have the requirements easily. Can you check what I need

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