Are You Wanting To Give Up?

Been using MassPlanner since September 2016.

Been growing IG accounts since summer of 2015 using other automation software, and manual work.

Currently have 12 accounts now with over 1m followers (real not purchased)

My accounts tend to make their first $1 after a week of creation. So as long as you have a good CPA or Affiliate offer, its should be pretty easy.

The hard part is getting hit with speed bumps along the way. You will need to learn the loopholes, or methods to bypass these speed bumps. Some examples are, finding the right phone numbers to verify your account, the right proxies, the right domains and correct hosting etc.

What I have found is that people are not creative enough, or do not use strategy when promoting their accounts. For example, if you are trying to sell face cream. dont post pictures of face cream! There is nothing interesting about that, so no one will follow you. Instead post makeup tutorials since lots of girls love these accounts. Even though the niche is different, your audience is still targeted since all girls who wear makeup all want to have good looking skin and no wrinkles.


Haha, I got some better coupon codes coming :smiley:

I have been pulling my rank on the forum, and have written a very good message which I have sent to as many proxy providers I can find. Since I run many business myself, I know what businesses like, and I have made sure to outline all the benefits I can bring to their company. They would be dumb not to provide me with a coupon code.

I even got some exclusive coupon codes from providers who dont have any coupon codes anywhere including BHW :smiley:


He just says “I’m Brandon Berner! If you know who I am, give up the coupons. If you’ve never heard of me, you obviously don’t care enough about your business so have a good day” :wink:


Feel free not to answer - does using one of the coupons provided mean that you get a piece of the pie?

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To be honest, there are only a very small amount of coupon codes that are linked my my affiliate ID. Most providers dont have the option to assign coupon codes to an affiliate ID.

The majority of the coupon codes are not linked to my affiliate ID, So if someone clicked my affiliate link, and uses a 20% off recurring coupon code, I actually loose money.

Sure some extra money is always good, but I prefer to give you guys the best discounts instead of making more commissions off you guys.

Now, you could however choose to donate some of your monthly savings (that I helped you get) to my Coffee Fund if you are feeling extra nice :smiley:


:joy: Are you running out of coffee you coffeeholic ? I will get you one in the next few days :wink:


Haha, My coffee fund has had its ups and downs. Some weeks are great, while others nothing. I prefer to average them into a stead flow of coffee. So to answer your question, no, im not running out, but I could be drinking more coffee :smiley:

Wehoo! Thanks Said :smiley:


yea this is the trick for making it big with ig target big nich with your photos but still on the same niche or topic

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This times a million. Noone wants to be sold to, they want mystery.


Indeed it’s true if it was easy everyone would be doing it that’s why it’s good when it’s hard. Cool thread.


Man…as if I wrote this post - no kidding!!! I’m exactly on the same page…not a quitter by nature – call me stubborn to the power of 10 – yes I am. Long story short (or maybe not that short) – I’ve been working let’s describe it “part time” in the “make-money-online” world for about…4 years. Say part-time cause I would spent about 15-20 hours a week on average. First I started blogging, trying to monetize my blogs mainly with adsense, revcontent, and affiliate products. Got a total of 4 blogs – for the two of them I spent considerable amount of time and produced over 150 very high-quality articles with a minimum 600 words per article (some are even 5000 words). One of the two blogs is in a veeery specific niche and I rank for it in top 3 in google – the main keyword has close to 80k monthly searches…so from all of my blogging initiatives I barely make $100-$150 a month. I won’t go in details but I’ll just say…I literally tried almost everything…no black hat backlinking, trying to do everything by the books, onpage SEO and so on and so forth…
Last year I started an online shop – utilizing the dropshipping model. Now I started to build social media accounts using the MassPlanner and the plan is to eventually offer the products that I sell naturally in my social media posts. Six months since I built the store (over 750 products I’m selling) – just 8 sales so far… don’t ask how a 30 years old guy like me holding BBA degree (with marketing and accounting focus) is feeling on a daily basis…on top of everything I do the damn dead-end 9-5 job to pay rent and all of the damn bills – PLUS I manage to run another local business…that is more of a supplementary income than a living.
I’m not trying to highlight that I’m something special – on the contrary I just perceive myself as a normal guy that wants to find a way to self-employ himself, and escape the 9-5 slavery that makes me sick…The online model seemed like the best alternative for my lifestyle…too bad after 4 years I’m just one of the many that…well let’s face it, didn’t advance much.
Anyways, hope this didn’t sound like a rant or whining, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m also very mad…depressed, how symbolic my results are…yet I just tell myself everyday the following: I’m in good health, I got a roof over my head, I got ample food and water, I’m lucky to live in a great country (go Canada go!) and that’s pretty much my salve for my soul…otherwise I’ll explode out of anger.
Pheeew, sharing all that felt good somehow, now let’s get back to work and keep chasing the dream – hopefully I have another 40 years of life-span to finally achieve it!!


How exactly did you drive traffic to your store?

Hey Sourmash, I hear your frustrations and to be honest I feel like that at times. Especially with the PV and IG banning an account immediately after you verify it. I created 10 accounts yesterday bought sim cards 2 verify them and only 3 accounts survived. Today I read a post on the forum about how to avoid this problem as I write this I’m at the office about to leave and work on my business. Move forward adapt, do whatever it takes to get what you want at the end of the day no matter how many times instagram bans you can always create 3 more and learn ways to reduce how many get banned. I think I’m rambling now but I hope you get my point just move forward like Henry Ford once said “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

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You motivated me today :muscle::+1::+1:
Fcking ig Lot of PV yesterday

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#If any of you are having problems with…

  • Motivation
  • Concentration
  • Working long hours
  • staying awake
  • Being more productive

Then listen up! This might help you :slight_smile:

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They are not too expensive either (well some are), so if you are out of solutions give this a try!

I have had one for a few years now, and found it quite helpful especially with mood, concentration, and staying awake. Feel free to do your own research and see if its right for you. Just google “natural light lamps”

I actually just ordered 10 bulbs now which I will be using to replace my standard lighting in my office, and living area.

These are what I bought:

  • This is not a affiliate link, nor am I making commission on anything. I just wanted to help if someone is looking for it. Feel free to buy from anywhere you would like. Just make sure to read the reviews first :slight_smile:

Hope that helps someone.


Thanks for the motivation, it’s always good to read/watch motivational stuffs.
There were times when I also wanted to quit (to be honest for several years I didn’t do anything) but I realized it’s more important to focus on my goals instead of just looking on things as “I failed doing [this]” and “I failed doing [that]”…
Guys, NEVER GIVE UP! Go Go Go!

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I was several times thinking about giving up.
Compared to the average IG user I have a good growth.

dma0245 stated recently it takes him about 2-3 months to reach 10k.

If this is true( and I guess so) : this means, I am having a problem. I am doing maximum 1,000 likes + 300 followings & 300 unfollowings a day and at least 8hrs “off-time” each day.

I spent a LOT of time for the hashtag research 3 months ago. MojoJojo and others revealed the secret of “good hashtags”. Thats way I spent again a lot of time now. But either they were wrong (what I dont believe) or my accounts are sandboxed (lowered reach). I am receiving PVs and bans with the low settings above. I am fucked up.

Now, as I am having only costs and compared to the experts here a bad growth, yes, maybe its time to give up… Will give it another 4 week. If in this time nothing is changing, I am gonna be out… :confounded:

I am not jealeous of any of you. No, in the end, I am thankful that you opened my eyes that I am maybe not talented and brave enough for this “game”…
All the best for all of you. :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet:


Or maybe it is time to call you out on the pure BS that this is!

If you are getting “sandboxed” there are only a handful of reasons for it - poor proxies, poor accounts, poor phone numbers or a combination of.

Poor proxies - get good ones from @HenryCooper

Poor accounts - get some aged ones from buyaccs and warm them up really really good

Poor phone numbers - get some from @kraadnc

None of the above is expensive and/or complicated.

The “game” has nothing to do with talent or bravery. It is all about PERSEVERANCE and testing.

Anyone who has done any type of IM has been burned, lost accounts, lost money, been scammed, banned, hacked, cursed, you name it. It is part of the game.

Take a day, a few shots, a nice workout, a long jog, punch the wall or whatever makes you happy… regroup… and get back on the IM horse!


I agree with all of this, however it’s worth pointing out that sometimes an account is just fucked - and that’s where you have to buy an aged one or start a new one. It happened to my personal account, but everything else I’ve grown has been relatively successful… all using the same exact strategy, quality sources and hashtags.

Everything is different, and sometimes one will just not work. Sandboxing is probably the case, for any of the reasons above, or just pure bad luck. And trust me when I say, I am plagued with bad luck IRL and online.

An example of one of my accounts that started about 3 months ago, that has been working for me:

In other words, don’t give up, but if one account just continues to fail, sometimes it’s worth abandoning it, freeing up the name for a new account, and starting over with an aged or new one.

How many accounts are you trying to grow? Are they all slow or struggling? Not every niche grows as quickly.